The era of not owning anything



An interesting thought is that we are moving into an era where we don’t own anything anymore. And even more that we don’t have a choice of what we don’t own.

The way subscription services are going, gaming, music and tv for example, you can play many games, watch on-demand tv and listen to every song as long as you pay the subscription. If you stop your subscription you lose access to everything. You don’t own any of it.

On top of that, if you keep paying your subscription you are ultimately not in control of what you get. Whatever corporation owns the service can add or remove any content at their own will. One of your favourite old games, music albums or tv shows, they can remove it.

With xbox reportedly releasing a streaming only console this is even more prevalent, aswell as many other examples out there.

Just an interesting thought.
What do you think about that we’re moving this way?


I guess we can’t stop it.

There was that story of GTA (I think) patching out some music because they didn’t have the license anymore.


Thats the way the world is going, look at tesla, you pay for the car but is the car really yours since 90% of the cars features are dependant on tesla servers, if they want to disable the supercharge feature on the car or auto pilot they can, even the radio is internet based thus you are reliant on the servers of tesla to supply the radio feed to the car, the issue is if tesla goes bust you sit with a really expensive car u cant supercharge, listen radio to, use navigation, drive by itself etc.


yep your thinking is correct, ultimately its our choice to buy in and support the model though. Which the world has done.
Thankfully, stuff like spotify and netfix is still affordable and saves the hassle of maintaining hard drives and catalogues etc.

Even very useful business software has been going this way for a while, gone are the days of once off purchases.
On that note, any Photoshop users here? Look into Affinity Photo for a once off photo edit package.


Have the photography creative cloud currently, but have previously used gimp and RawTherapee. Haven’t tried Affinity.


Affinity is awesome, I use it daily. It has a built in raw processor too.
Alot of the PS shortcuts are the same too.