The First Year of MEW


Can you guys believe, one whole year of MEW existing. It feels like only yesterday that we had to migrate from our former digs to here. And you might be thinking, how is MEW doing? Well, let me do what I do and pull some stats for you. Stats about the first year of MEW and the activity we’ve generated.

Number of Topics and Threads

We’re all here to chat and discuss the various different aspects of gaming and geek life. And up until now, we’ve generated 1080 topics of discussion. The trend looks as follows:

Looks like it’s decreasing a bit as we cover more and more easy topics and threads. But the Brute Force activity running should help keeping threads coming on a regular basis. So don’t be shy, create a thread or topic and let the discussion begin!!

Number of posts

We’ve generated 37947 posts already on the site. That’s a lot of spamming and conversation to have happened. The trend looks like this:

Looking good so far. Seems like a good number of posts are made on a regular basis. Now it’s just to get the lurkers to post more and share as well

Engaged Users

According to Discourse’s stats, engaged users are the number of users actively making posts or liking posts on a daily basis. We seem to average around 23 users active every day on our little site. The trend is as follows:

The trend is going up and that’s great!! More and more people should be joining in on discussions on various other threads.

Some more stats

According to Discourse’s internal measurements, we’ve given away over 36 600 likes to posts, have seen more than 540 000 unique page views in the past year, and only received 5 flagged posts in the past year.

So yes, things are looking good for MEW and a great start to the site. Now the next focus should be on growing the community size, as we currently have exactly 100 registered users on here.


Nice write up.


We are also now on our 6th Gameclub here on MEW.


And I suspect I win with all the likes I have given :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I can see all the people that was part of the initial secret click :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone with their cakes


You mean everyone who couldn’t keep a secret!

“Oh you’re testing some new forum software… let me tell EVERYONE.” *

* Not actually how it went down.


Still wondering how I got on here! Been a bit slow in the beginning but really finding a nice home here! Thanks you guys!


none the less it’s good to have you here


@Wyvern has a total of 11 days read time on here. We all know it’s most probably done from work so I hope her boss deducts it from her leave :rofl:

(My 5 days read time was all after hours or in lunch breaks)


Damn where are all these stats found?


Ahhh nvm found it :stuck_out_tongue:


Very happy to be here. I was just getting into MyGaming when it died a premature death.


hey i have to keep an eye on you lot


Where the hell do I see when I signed up?

EDIT: haha clicking my pic right in this thread did it…
…it doesnt show ANYWHERE on profile/badges/account stuff


I see it on your profile page :slight_smile:
ALso I finally beat @DieGrootHammer!


And I can see yours…but try see your own on your own profile page? It doesn’t show. but yea like i said, just clicking my pic and it shows on the “mini” profile page that pops up :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m 1 year old on MEW tomorrow :smiley:


I think you should check again…:smirk:



Yes this is a sentance