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Despite all the off-track shenanigans, that actually turned out to be a pretty decent race all round.

Next year, just start every session a few hours earlier - Euros can wake up early for one race! And tone down the pre-race noise and this could actually become an excellent street circuit into the future.

Bravo, Las Vegas.

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2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix :united_arab_emirates:

Yas Marina Circuit | Yas Island | Abu Dhabi | 26 November
2023 F1 Season - Round 23 (Grand Prix 22 of 22)

Haven’t had time to do a proper preview post for this, the final race of the season. And just because the Championship Trophies have already been engraved, doesn’t mean ADGP23 is not important.

Fourth place in the Driver’s Championship has four drivers separated by just 12 points: Alonso, Sainz, Norris and Leclerc all have a fairly equal shot at driving into a P4 final position.

Perhaps even more importantly to the teams themselves though, is the finishing order on the Constructor’s table. The financial rewards are huge and with only four points separate Mercedes and Ferrari for second place, there won’t be room for error by either team this weekend.

Add to that, the battle for P4 constructor is also close with 11 points between McLaren and Aston Martin. So those Norris and Alonso have that to add to the pressure on them in the Driver’s. Hopefully, their respective teammates can come to the party too in the desert on Sunday.

Vital Statistics

  • First Grand Prix – 2009
  • Track Length – 5.281km
  • Lap record – 1m 26.103s, Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 2021
  • Most pole positions – Lewis Hamilton (5)
  • Most wins – Lewis Hamilton (5)
  • Pole run to Turn 1 braking point – 194 metres
  • Overtakes completed in 2022 – 113
  • Safety Car probability – 38%*
  • Virtual Safety Car probability – 38%*
  • Pit stop time loss – 22.12 seconds
    * From the last eight races in Abu Dhabi


  • Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen all sealed their maiden F1 world titles in Abu Dhabi

The Schedule

The Circuit

When was the track built?
In 2006, plans were announced to develop Yas Island, located just to the east of Abu Dhabi, into a new tourist destination, with a major part of the plans centring around a 5.5km race track. The diggers rolled into what would become the Yas Marina Circuit in May 2007, with the project completed by October 2009.

When was its first Grand Prix?
In 2009. The track debuted as that year’s Formula 1 season finale, with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel winning from team mate Mark Webber and the already-crowned 2009 champion Jenson Button. Vettel would go on to secure his first title in Abu Dhabi a year later, amid much crying.

What’s the circuit like?
The Hermann Tilke-designed track is dominated by its 1.2km straight between Turns 5 and 6 – which, with slow-speed corners marking its beginning and end, makes it a honeypot for overtaking moves. Other highlights include the tricky run through Turns 10 and 11 into 12, which forces the drivers to brake hard with bags of lateral load still on the car. Track modifications ahead of the 2021 race, shortening the lap slightly to 5.28km, have only added to its excitement.

The Tyres

Happy F1 racing one last time in 2023!

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Ah boo, Ferrari ended 3rd. Le Clerc had a good idea but alas, Perez could not pull away. Sainz’ race was cocked up, I think they should have pitted him earlier for those softs. Last lap was a fail.

On to next year, they had enough time now to make their damn car better, Merc has already caught up and are borderline passing them, same for McLaren. I suspect if Ferrari don’t improve, both Merc and McLaren will definitely pass them(dammit that sounds like an obvious statement now that I read it, whatever).


96 sleeps


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Crazy! That Ferrari win was a special one


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Y no Kyalami?


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


Am I the only one living in the old ages and feeling that the F1 not starting in Australia just feels “wrong” somehow?


While I agree with this so, soooooo much, when I started watching people were miffed since they considered Australia not being the last race to be “wrong” :smiley: How the turntables.

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Shorter, narrower, and significantly lighter cars, movable aero components, fully sustainable fuels, tweaked hybrid engines.

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In general I think these moves are good. The cars are about 40% larger than they were in the 90’s, largely driven by safety structures. The added weight from this necessitated higher grip in corners, which needs more downforce, which needs more aero’s, which makes more drag, which makes it harder to follow other cars. Making the cars smaller and lighter will help with a) making the cars more agile, and b) less susceptible to disrupted aero’s affecting the cars.

That said, we’ve heard this spiel before. I’ll believe it when I see it.


The official entry list for the 2024 season.

  • Note the now official Aston Martin title sponsor.
  • Also, the much anticipated rebranded name for Scuderia AlphaTauri is… drumroll please… Scuderia AlphaTauri RB! :laughing: It remains to be seen if that “RB” stands for “Red Bull” or the rumoured “Racing Bulls”. (I think it was probably going to be the latter, but when they saw the memes and jokes they quickly scratched that and made it RB.)
  • Finally, note the new Alfa Romeo team name and title co-sponsors… Stake is an online crypto casino and sports betting site, and Kick is the streaming site that refugees from Twitch go to die. They have very, very deep pockets based on their connection to various online gambling sites, including Stake. The whole lot are shady AF and I really do hope Suaber has done their due diligence and has solid contracts in place.

Still better than rich energy…


Formuladank summarises my exact thought when I saw the silly new Alfa Romeo team name…


also the name sounds like you should kick Sauber from the team. very rude.