The Formula 1 Thread




Not all heroes wear capes


Have you been spying on me?!



Not specifically, but we do hang around in some similar online places. Would you like me too :smiley:


“And that sums up this season’s championship. Thanks for watching. See you next year!”


Paradox detected…


I will take that offer under advisement… frantically looks for something to use as a weapon



I watched that - that was scary




:smiley: I love how these open voting polls get so easily skewed for the lols. Boaty McBoatface FTW!


That’s hysterical! I bet ole Putin put this on his social media page and now Russian patriotism is doing the rest.



Posted to her FB page earlier:
Love the “btw” :slight_smile:



To be confirmed officially:

[Kubica signing contract with Williams and returning to F1.]( (self.formula1)

On RMF FM news, the biggest Polish radio they just said they have the information, which is supposed to be officially anounced later today.

PKN Orlen, the biggest Polish petrochemical company is going to sponsor him and the team.

News in polish:,nId,2688188


I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I love him, he has always been that big what if? Now we will see and I am worried he wont live up to the hype in my head.


I see its reaching news outlets


Very good article


Yeah, it’s all good and well running a couple of practice laps, etc.

Guess we’ll see how he does 58 laps around Albert Park in March