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Apparently there was some kind of issue on Vettel’s car, I am just proud that he managed to finish the race without spinning once!


This was the Vettel incident. I still think the call to weigh was unreasonable - they shouldnt weigh the guys during the sessions. After the sessions yes. But the “fine” is fairish - its to replace the scales he supposedly destroyed.

And the 2 days public service is fair enough.


The issue is more Vettel and his reaction. The FIA can request a weigh at any time during any session (except for the actual race). What their motivation was for that specific one is not clear.


I’m inclined to agree that Max had right of way, but Ocon also was legally allowed to unlap himself. These two idiots need to check themselves.


I get his reaction was over the top. But knowing racers - I would be as well. Especially during qualies at crucial times. If it was at the start of the qualy session I would not get so irritated and I suspect Vettel would have been handled better


on Vettel scales issue.

It part of the rules and not new.


Which brings me back to Vettel has had a really crappy season and it got to him. In the post race Damon Hill actually spoke about a number of things. One thing he did mention is that drivers can be extremely sensitive to pressure and as much as F1 is a physically gruelling sport for the drivers it also requires you to be mentally switched on. Things are getting under Seb’s skin, he’s getting frustrated and agitated. I honestly think he must just take some vacation and relax. Hell, go party with Kimi or something.

…no, don’t party with Kimi, they need you alive.


Thanks I always knew it was part of the rules, just always thought it happens before or after a session - that is what I know from going to the races at Killarney. I do get Vettel’s rush and understand why he was so frustrated, but he also did handle the situation wrong.

I agree with Psyco - mentally he isnt in the right space. And hasnt been since the start of the season after the mid-season break. Last time his wife was pregnant when he lost focus like this, maybe that is the case again.


It was reported yesterday that Robert Kubica is “in the frame” for the seat alongside George Russell at Williamsnext season, indeed it was claimed he has a “race drive on offer”.

“I think we are quite close to the decision,” the Pole told . "From my point of view I’m getting there, and I have a deadline very soon, in my head let’s say.

“It will be within a few days, what I decide, what I want to do,” he added, “and what I think is the best direction for me. I’m in a comfortable situation, and this is what I’ve been saying for a few weeks. I will be doing something which in one way or another attracts me, and gives me the confidence that I will be doing something that I enjoy. But for sure a lot depends on making my mind up on what direction I want to go, if I want to race, and where to race, if I can combine things, and if I can focus only on one thing, as I did this year. As I said, I have my deadline, which I will respect, which is in the next few days. Then we will see.”

The Pole’s determination to return to the sport following his almost fatal rallying crash in 2011 is the stuff of legend, and his disappointment on missing out on the seat at Williams this year was only matched by the disappointment of his many fans and admirers.

However, muddying the waters is talk of the Pole joining Ferrari as a development driver, the Italian team having lost Daniil Kvyat to Toro Rosso and Antonio Giovinazzi to Sauber.

Ferrari places much emphasis on its development drivers whose simulator work over Grand Prix weekends is known to have turned the team’s fortunes around on a number of occasions over the last few years.

However, Ferrari being Ferrari, it is unlikely that a development role - no matter how significant - will lead to a full race seat with the Maranello outfit, somewhat ironic when you consider that he had agreed a deal to race for the Maranello outfit in 2012 prior to his 2011 rally crash.

While a decent performance for Ferrari might lead to a placement at Haas or Sauber, this could be a couple of years away and the Pole is already 33.

Then, we are told, he is “in the frame” at Williams, however, as we know from experience that is no guarantee.

Indeed, our sources claim that the loss of potential sponsor Rich Energy to Haaswas a far bigger blow to the Grove outfit than many realised, with the team going to extraordinary efforts (and cost) to secure the deal. Indeed, we understand that a 2 am call to reveal the Haas decision left team boss Claire Williams in tears.

Consequently, it would appear that the Grove outfit needs a driver who can bring a substantial amount of money to the team, and Kubica simply doesn’t have it.

A job-share - what with Williams being powered by Mercedes - is totally out of the question, therefore the Ferrari development role appears to be Kubica’s only genuine prospect.

Whether he genuinely believes the Williams seat is a real prospect - knowing something the rest of us don’t - Kubica admits that when it comes to priorities he remains undecided, though he understandably appears to favour the prospect of a short-term racing position than a longer-term ‘back office’ role with Ferrari.

“Maybe the wish of driving and coming back to F1 is bigger than the wish of a long project,” he says. "I leave a lot to personal conclusions. But the final conclusion is my one, and I will make it.

“When I’m saying I want to make my mind up, it’s also about what I want to do with my future,” he adds. “Definitely I’m not looking only for the next three months, or one year, but what’s is my feeling. Not everything depends on my feeling, it’s not because once I decide everybody is waiting with open arms, there are also things to look at and see how it can work. I have a long flight back from Brazil, it’s good to have last thoughts, and then we’ll see.”

Nonetheless, the Pole admits that a job with Ferrari would appeal.

"I said always when you are a small child you dream about F1, then you once you are established as an F1 driver there are two things, either you win championships, or you drive in the red car. I was quite close to doing it, it didn’t work out.

“I cannot look behind, I have to look forward,” he adds. “It could be very interesting, but I have to see more about working with a top team on a high level. It would be a good opportunity from a professional point of view, but also from an emotional point of view it can be something interesting.”


I dont know if Martini will be sponsoring Williams next year, but they want an older driver to fit in with their image. Williams needs that moola.

On a side note Torro Rosso has a seat available and a shallow pool to fill it from.
I’m not sure who will get that


Would be refreshing to have a hard drinking, cigar smoking ladies man driver in F1 again.


Can do the hard drinking and cigar smoking if they want me, might be a bit wide to fit in the car though


Just a couple of years ago, nobody really cared


"Debauched partying with the Dudesons on a yacht in Monaco, karaoke nights and the like kept Raikkonen on the radar during his absence.

His partying continued when he returned to F1 with Lotus and in the book recalled a time in 2012 when he drank for 16 days in a row between F1 Grands Prix in Bahrain and Spain. He would finish third in the latter race."


Ready for some sad news, we only have one epic write up by @GregRedd left this year…


I demand that he does a end of year write up as well!!! That is indeed sad news.


Totally agree, and just to keep his pen warm he will need to do random sports biweekly write ups. I further demand his first be womens beach volleyball and I volunteer to watch all considered footage for the preview




Will definitely be doing a season wrap up post. And a couple of pre-season posts later on. Biweekly write ups though? Nah, probably not.

(Mind you, Women’s Beach Volleyball could do with more coverage here. I suppose I could think about it… Think about women playing beach volleyball I mean, not think about doing a write up on it. )


I, for one, would appreciate solid coverage of Women’s Beach Volleyball. However I suspect that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm