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:brazil: Olá amigos e fãs de corrida! Bem-vindo ao belo Brasil e à cidade de São Paulo, onde o Autódromo José Carlos Pace está pronto para receber a penúltima rodada do campeonato de F1 deste ano: o Grande Prêmio do Brasil de Fórmula 1 2018! :brazil:

Hello friends and race fans! Welcome to beautiful Brazil and the city of Sao Paulo where the Autódromo José Carlos Pace is ready to play host to the penultimate round of this years’ F1 Championship: the 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix! This weekend sees the 46th running of the Brazilian Grand Prix, the 36th at the circuit still fondly known as Interlagos.

The metropolis of São Paulo (the name of the city honors the Apostle, Saint Paul of Tarsus) is an alpha global city and the most populous city in Brazil, the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, besides being the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. The municipality is also the Earth’s 11th largest city by population. The city has the 11th largest GDP in the world, representing 10.7% of all Brazilian GDP. With a GDP of US$477 billion, the São Paulo city alone would rank 26th globally compared with countries. (To put that in context, South Africa - the entire country - ranks 33rd on the list. The GDP of the city of São Paulo is larger than our entire country’s GDP!)

Interlagos is a middle-class neighbourhood located in the district of Socorro in the city of São Paulo. Its name comes from the fact that the region is located between two large reservoirs, Guarapiranga and Billings, built in the early 20th century to supply water and electric power to the city. The Autódromo José Carlos Pace itself is still commonly called Interlagos despite the facts that (1) that has not been its official name since the 1970s; and (2) the circiut is actually located in the district of Cidade Dutra, not Socorro where the Interlagos neighbourhood is.

São Paulo is currently on Brasilia Summer Time, which is GMT-2. We are on South Africa Standard Time, GMT+2. For those chronologically challenged, that’s a 4 hour difference. But fear not, I’ve screenshot the converted times for the weekends action for you. Saving you time, saving you trouble, putting you first…

The Autódromo José Carlos Pace, (aka Interlagos) is named after Brazilian Formula One driver Carlos Pace, who died in a plane crash in 1977. Perhaps the least well known of the Brazilian F1 pilots, Pace does sport a solid F1 career: he participated in 73 Grands Prix starts, secured one pole position, won one race (his home race in 1975), achieved six podiums, and scored a total of 58 championship points.

The lap records on the circuits’ current layout were both set during last years’ race weekend:

  • Outright - 1:08.322 - Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+
  • Race Lap - 1:11.044 - Max Verstappen - Red Bull RB13

Like Mexico, Brazil is a comparatively short circuit, so expect to see the leaders once again having to wind their way through back markers pretty early on in the race. Odds are fairly even across the board on which lead driver will be the first to use the words “blue flag, blue flag”.

I can’t find Romain Grosjean’s virtual hot lap of Brazil on the F1 YouTube channel. But if you really want to sit through the pain that is the video player, feel free: The YouTube version is now up, see the post below from @Sweepslag.

As a decent alternative, here’s home town hero Felipe Massa with his virtual lap from 2017 before his emotional farewell to the home fans:

Talking about Felipe Baby!, he is the 5th and most recent Brazilian to have won a F1 Grand Prix in Brazil, and also 1 of the 4 who have won it twice. The complete list of Brazilians who’ve won in Brazil:

  • Emerson Fittipaldi (73 & 74)
  • Carlos Pace (75)
  • Nelson Piquet (83 & 86)
  • Ayrton Senna (91 & 93)
  • Felipe Massa (06 & 08)

Frenchman Alain Prost holds the record for the most wins by a driver at 6 while the mighty McLaren, with 12 victories is the constructor with the most wins. (If Seb Vettel repeats his win from last year though, Ferrari will join Macca on 12 titles.)

With medium ratings for the grip, abrasion and tyre stress, Pirelli reckon Mediums, Softs and Supersofts should do the trick for this weekend. The teams seem to feel that the softest compound of the selection (the red Supersofts) are going to be the rubber to use though, with it being the most popular set selected by far:

Race starts, opening lap, and the weather forecast are always interesting at Interlagos. Here’s a look back at the chaos that was the 2009 opening lap:

And a look ahead at the expected weather for the weekend:


A bit of rain could spice things up nicely.

And as usual to end off, a couple of pointers on the form and some interesting stats going into the weekend:

  • Mercedes will be looking to sew up their fifth consecutive constructors’ title at Interlagos, a track their car tends to fly at. Analysis of qualifying from the last four Brazilian Grands Prix since 2014 – all of which have seen a Mercedes starting on pole – gives the team a pace advantage of, on average, 0.363s over the next fastest opponent from another team around Interlagos.
  • In qualifying since 2014, Red Bull have only ever had a car that was third fastest or less at Interlagos, the team tending to be out-horsepowered up the hill and onto the start-finish straight, then out-horsepowered again in the long drag from Turns 3 to 4.
  • Red Bulls’ only post-2014 podium was Verstappen’s third place after his epic drive in the rain in 2016.
  • This year’s Brazilian Grand Prix will see Interlagos tie with Hockenheim as the seventh most-used Grand Prix venue, with its 36th appearance.
  • This year’s race will be the first ever held on November 11.
  • Victory for Lewis Hamilton would mark his 50th in Formula 1’s hybrid era – he’s already the fifth most successful driver of all time in terms of his post-2014 wins alone!
  • Since 2014, Red Bull have led a total of zero laps at Interlagos.
  • Sebastian Vettel leading for 11 laps would see him clinch Michael Schumacher’s record for laps led at Interlagos – currently 236. Seven laps led for either Vettel or Raikkonen will give Ferrari the record for the most laps led by a constructor at Interlagos, currently held by McLaren.
  • Mercedes, meanwhile, need to lead just 16 laps to make it into the ‘5000 laps led’ club – only the fifth team to ever achieve the feat.
  • Daniel Ricciardo’s pole position in Mexico was the only segment or session the Australian had led in the previous four Grand Prix weekends.
  • Kimi Raikkonen remains the only driver to have started in the top six at every Grand Prix in 2018 – but the Iceman has never started on pole in Brazil.
  • Lewis Hamilton has only managed to outqualify a team mate once in Brazil in the past five years, when he beat Nico Rosberg to pole in 2016.
  • Brendon Hartley has outqualified Pierre Gasly twice at the last three races, having only done it five times in total this season.
  • Banking and an anti-clockwise layout at Interlagos make the race a challenge for drivers.

Aproveite os amigos de corrida! Vejo você de novo em algumas semanas para o final da temporada em Abu Dhabi.
Enjoy the race friends! See you in again in a couple of weeks for the season finale from Abu Dhabi.


And 2 more just released F1 videos on the Vietnam GP and the Hanoi Street Circuit layout:

You gonna need to use your imagination a lot in this next one:


I swear these posts are like the highlight of a race weekend. It goes:

  1. Race
  2. Qualifying
  3. GregRedd’s post
  4. Free Practice 3
  5. Verstappen complaints about Renault
  6. Free Practice 2 and 1


You missed “Totally serious, but funny comment from Kimi”


I also love these post. :smiley:

@GregRedd Please never stop with them :smiley:


The virtual hot lap video has been posted.


Found on Reddit. This is what happens when the Championship is decided early and fans get bored.

F1 teammates faces merged.

All the time to do this, only to have to redo it in a couple of weeks time.


Merc team reminds me of Kanye


Holy crap, that’s terrifying… :fearful:


My predictions.

Riccardo’s engine will fail
Hamilton will start off all interviews thanking the Mexican fans
Horner will blame Renault
Renault will counter saying it’s an assembly issue
Horner will question if Riccardo has made the right choice
Claire Williams will get a Brazilian



Lame, take your damn Contructors then Merc. Next year it is then.
Also wow Ferarri were dead today :confused: Kimi drove decently considering though. And wow that was a crap one between Verstappen and Ocon. Hamilton gets the win :frowning:


Max let’s his inexperience shine through again. Hamilton did what Hamilton does. Kimi proved again that the car is capable of a top 3 finish.


I have to say I have no idea where the Ferrari pace went too. . . .Im honestly happy that they let Kimi thru though he was the faster driver.

Dani drove an amazing race

Am I the only one who thinks Max did a Max and was to aggressive defending against someone who was unlapping himself?

The fist fight afterwards was also avoidable. He went looking for Ocon - I hope they give him a fine for that. Ocon is already paying for it with his penalty.

Apparently Alonso was hit with a 5 sec penalty for ignoring blue flags and Vandoorne as well.

Also I have to ask what was up with that weighbridge incident with vettel during qualies? That was pure bs - you don’t call a driver for weigh in during qualies - before or after a session yes. But not during a session where you have to stop, turn the car off, let the marshals wheel you onto the weighbridge, then off again, and only then may they start the car again.


Handbags at dawn in the weigh-in room caught by Canal+ cameras:

The arming waving and swearing at the time may have been justified in the heat of the moment, but the aggressive pushing and shouting 20 minutes after the fact is well out of order.


Public service it is.


I have to say, I’m in Team Verstappen on this one. Ocon has lost the overtake into turn one and should’ve backed up. He has no right to stick his nose into the apex like he did and was completely at fault for the accident. Verstappen’s rage is understandable, and the altercation afterwards was very reminiscent of the Schumacher Coulthard incident a few years ago. Verstappen should’ve kept his cool but in the heat of the moment I think anyone would’ve done the same.

The Ferraris were just abysmal on the day. Vettel had no race pace at all. Kimi did better but the race almost seemed like Ferrari gave up.

But it was a good race. Very typical Brazilian GP, just without any rain