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On the whole it was not a bad season of F1.
I just wish it could have been a 3 way race for the WDC all the way down to the end. Regardless of which drivers.

Driver of the year for me goes to Hulkenberg.
Winning “best of the rest” he just kept his head down and did his job. Nothing fancy, but ended up with a fistfull of points.

Max seemed to have matured a bit. He was like an 18 year old at a matric dance for the first part of the season. Hot headed and just wanted to slide himself into any gap he could find.
But until he can string a full season together he wont get close to winning the wdc.

My hopes for 2019:

  1. @GregRedd carries on with his awesome previews and @DieGrootHammer gives us a lap preview via his xbone
  2. Instead of a top 3 teams a top 5 would make for better spectating.

Oh and just in… Torro Rosso signs Alexander Albon.

We now have the top 3 in F2 being promoted to F1

Out of Context

SkySports: F1 Testing: Kimi Raikkonen makes Sauber return as Sebastian Vettel sets pace.


10 days later, after major spinal surgery, Sophia Floersch, full of positivity and good humour, walks out of hospital raring to get back to racing. Racecar drivers are badass.


Also, new looks for some next year:

Leclerc especially looks happy as Larry, and he’s not even in a racesuit.


Very nice! I was looking at the final lineup yesterday, and it struck me how much young and exciting talent will be on the grid next year. Leclerc, Gasly, Norris, Albon, Giovinazzi, Russell, and yes, Verstappen, who’s still barely in his twenties! It feels like a changing of the guard, even though the likes of Hamilton, Vettel, and Raikkonen are still around. These young guys are the future champions of the sport.


Plus, this is the first time in a long time that the top racers from F2 has been promoted to F1. Norris, Albon and Russel all finished in the top 3 in F2. And the young Mick Schumacher has been promoted to F2 from F3. So he’ll be on the F1 radar from 2020. It’s definitely a good thing for the sport bringing in all these new exciting drivers. Hopefully their cars next year will give them the competitive edge we need.


This is exactly what I am excited about. As much as I love the sport, we need more young blood. And we need beter car developers. If Mclaren and Williams cannot do something with the new regs I have no hope for them.


The new regs aren’t drastically different. They need to sort out their internal technical issues and simply build a better car. Teams of that calibre simply cannot show up with a car that apparently has massive wind tunnel correlation issues.


Especially McLaren. For all the tech and facilities they have, they should have one of the best cars on the grid. The teams have just struggled with the hybrid platform to get the entire package together. Either due to lack of understanding or something. But McLaren has built some impressive hybrid road cars in the past few years, and I hope they can translate that knowledge and expertise over to F1.


I’m of the opinion that McLaren should seriously consider building their own F1 engine. They already supply the ECU to everyone, and they have tons of turbo-hybrid experience from their road cars.


Good to see Lancealot showing some skill and hopefully putting his skeptics to bed


Ok is it just me or does anyone else get a little tingle when they see Fittipaldi’s name on the grid or am I showing my age.


I’m gonna have to google that one bud


Ok I will go hide in my cave again

Look for Emerson Fittipaldi - aka Pietro’s grandad


It is quite special, yes.


Actually the whole Fittipaldi clan are racers


No, it’s not just you.


Ferrari starting the annual Torment of Redd early: