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While it’s only been a test on the new compounds of tires and no way indicative of actual pace, it’s good to see Leclerc gelling well with the car and showing some pace. Although his time was still 1.7 seconds off the qualifying pace of Hamilton in the actual race.


Even though I don’t love the new theme song, this sounds epic when done like this


Rich energy/haas concept sneak preview


Looks like a rip-off of the Renault.


That weird tree branch looks odd


Doubly so because it’s actually supposed to be a stylized stags head with antlers :smiley:

The Rich Energy logo (and the company name) is taken from the town of Richmond in England where the company founder, William Storey, is from.

The design is based on the heritage of his upbringing in Richmond, England. The Richmond stag is a symbol of the town and they can often be sighted in Richmond Park. Many royals in the 15th/16th century used to hunt stags in the “Newe Parke of Richmonde”. The stag goes back many centuries and is a big representation of Richmond hence the gold stag can design.


Ross Brawn’s presentation at the AWS Re:invent Keynote yesterday. Talking about the potential for machine learning and AI being introduced into F1’s broadcasts and preview of next years’ AI integration in F1 TV graphics. (Time stamp from 1:30:29 if the embed doesn’t auto start in the right place.)


I wonder how much effect that had on Kubica’s signing.


Worst kept secret ever, and a definite “Well, Duhhh!” moment, but still. It is now official.


Express: Lewis Hamilton: F1 pundit hits back at Max Verstappen’s dad over Mercedes title jibe.

What a chop


Great video explaining how the aero changes for next year will help promote closer racing and more overtaking opportunities. Remains to be seen if they’ll have the hoped for impact…


Yeah, I watched that one. It sounds good in theory, but I’m not convinced yet. I also don’t like how big, heavy, and unwieldy-looking this latest generation of cars has become. The beautiful and nimble 500kg machines of a few years back are a thing of the past, sadly.


This album was posted to Reddit just a few hours ago. Really puts it in perspective.


Should also note that in 1970 you saw things like the Cosworth DFV engine which was a 3.0l 360 bhp V8 monster.

in 1991 they had the magnificent 3.5l V12’s that pushed 710 bhp…

2007 was the awful 2.4l V8’s but still produced 740 hp

now we’re on 1.6 litre V6 turbo hybrid engines with around 870 hp

Personally I’d be very happy with 2l turbo engines, no restriction on boost pressure, no restriction on rpm (currently 15000rpm), no restriction on number of cylinders and no restriction on the angle of the V (currently 90 degree).



I mean listen to this :


or this lovely V12 from 1991


Kimi knows how to make tedious award ceremonies more fun: get hammered as early on as possible :joy: From last nights FIA Prize Giving:


Just start at the top and laugh


Oh, that was epic!


This is why I follow the teams on social media - as much as I don’t like the Mercs, whomever they have incharge of their social media deserves a bonus this year - there has been many such threads between the teams.