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Yeah, maybe that… coz it does look a bit ugly lol.



Bit of a nod to the all black with gold highlights of the 1970s-80s JPS Lotus’ and the Renault from a few years back, but nothing too special imo.

Screengrabs from the reveal. Will replace with official pics later.


It gets a big “meh” from me. Looks exactly like the JPS Lotus knock-off from a few years ago.


Yip, not a fan of it either. All the white should be gold as well. Or all the gold should be white. Driver’s suits suffer the same fate:


It’s not bad, just not terribly imaginative. The gold really doesn’t “pop” against the black either. Also, if the Renault is predominantly black with yellow highlights again… Ugh. Too monochrome for my taste.


On a different note, the 2019 cars barely look different from last year, if this one is anything to go by.


This is just the Kivery launch, I dont think this is the car?


Possible, but it certainly has a 2019 spec front wing. Of course they will be hiding things until testing, but still.

Edit: According to, the physical car is a 2018 show car with some 2019 bits on it, but the renders are supposedly the real deal. Either way, very little to see at this point.


apparently it was the 2018 car. just with the livery.


sorry didnt see you added that it was the 2018 car. my bad.


Don’t really care what back markers look like


Sure, OK, whatever. I can express my opinion about the car, can’t I?


Was not aimed at you, just a general comment.



Ferrari stuck Mission Winnow in the team name? Interesting…


Its their horrible new title sponsor if I am not mistaken


Not really new; It’s a sneaky way for Phillip Morris International to stick a big “M” on the car without adding the letters “arlboro” after it. Same old ciggie company, just different branding.


Got to say, the Haas doens’t look that bad. The livery is just okay, and I think I will look good speeding on a race track. But what is striking is the renders showing off some 2019 aero parts, and I have to say, that front wing is looking fine as hell!! I’m a big fan of that design


Agreed, simpler does look better.