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Still not sure how he walked away from this accident on 6 feb 2011

Williams launch date is 11 Feb

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Any options for watching F1 online that don’t involve DSTV/Supersport?


Keep an eye on reddit - they often have live streams - but its a mission to get it to work


Ah lame.

Pity Liberty doesn’t have their own streaming service for F1. I’d pay for that.


Well, technically they do.

Just not for us in South Africa (cos DSTV, licence, broadcast rights, bla, bla, etc, etc.)

You can get a F1TV Access subscription in SA, but that does not include Live broadcasts.

Access costs $3 monthly or $27 annually.

For Live race broadcasts you need F1TV Pro. That costs $12/month or $100/year.


I wonder if a vpn service would get around that restriction.

14 days delay for race replays is a bit much


Honestly don’t know. Like others like this though, I think you may have issues using a local payment method for it. That “credit card address must match country of service” stuff. May be worth trying for a 1 month sub to see, if it goes through, yay for you! If not, nothing lost.

Yeah, that does suck. Blame DSTV for that one too :slight_smile:


This is taking things to far

Also waiting for the williams launch:


#1391 - no idea why the link wont load



That’s huge! A McLaren that looks like a BAR incoming?


Also, here is the STR14. Looks neat without being spectacular. Apparently it has a lot of Red Bull 2018 bits on it.


And here is the FW42, with new title sponsorship.

Edit: Sorry, sorry, it’s just a livery reveal, not the new car at all.



I want a top down look of this, the new nose is good


It’s not the new car though, just last year’s with the new livery.

Edit: sorry, you were talking about the Toro Rosso.


yea I realised that too late - I want the new cars dammit!


Renders are somewhat suspect, yeah. Best to wait until we see the real thing.


Wait, I haven’t been keeping up with the changes. What is the visual changes supposed to look like this year? Just the front wing?


Off the top of my head;

  • Wider front wings with simpler endplates and limited number of elements
  • Simplified front brake ducts, no more using them as aero devices
  • Ditto for wheel nuts
  • Barge boards must be lower but can extend further forward than before
  • Wider and lower rear wings with an increased DRS opening