The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Nintendo Switch

In general I am not a huge fan of Console gaming, as I have been a PC (Master Race) gamer my whole life. Having keys at your fingertips on one hand and grasping a mouse tightly in the other hand just feels right. I am even LESS drawn towards gaming on mobile platforms. I never owned a Game Boy and no, it is not because I had a terrible child hood growing up and no I am not from Benoni, Sekunda or Brakpan. I just never had the urge to game while moving around. I also do not game on my phone at all.


Since I got my hands on a Nintendo Switch I fear that all of that might have changed. For the first time in a long time I was able to game where I want to and not feel like I am playing some budget game on a budget device. It felt like a proper game with the whole gaming feel and experience that we all chase after. I could sit mid duece and explore the new open world as Link, being immersed in the experience of gaming.

The tablet or console itself feels very solid and the 720P display is surprisingly amazing. Very bright and colorful as well. In its mobile form, the Joy Cons or controllers just clip onto the side of the console and off you go. It is very comfortable in your hands and the buttons and joy sticks laid out very well. I absolutely love this console in its mobile form.

There are however a few things I do not quite like about the switch, or rather I might just have to get used to it in order to like it. One of these things is the grip for the controllers for when your Switch is docked and you want to play on a TV. The grip is quite narrow if you are used to Xbox or PS controllers. All of the sudden from perfectly laid out controls in its mobile form to narrow awkward feeling controls in the grip. I had to look to find the controls constantly and tried to feel my way around. Perhaps I just have to play more to get used to it.

Then there is the docking station… it seems like this was an after thought and quickly thrown together in a few seconds. It feels cheap, light and hollow. So I almost want to hide the switch from view when it is docked next to my TV!

All in all the switch is amazing and a must have to any gamers arsenal! Especially with games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild showcasing it’s capabilities as a to be taken seriously gaming platform!



I said this yesterday and people were laughing at me! =D


Preach brother!

Although I don’t really have an issue with the controller grip. Probably because I have tiny hands. Depending on how long you’ve played you might still need to get used to it like you said as well. The docking station doens’t bother me either. I like how it looks next to the TV.

And I don’t say this lightly, but Zelda is probably the best game I’ve ever played. Not my favourite, but the “best” all round game I’ve played. Probably.

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Think I might need to get used to the controller. Or get a Switch Pro controller

I want a Pro Controller so bad. Or one of those Gamecube controllers for it.

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