The Hitman 2 Homing Briefcase

The best weapon in Hitman 2 is the stylish homing briefcase:


It’s hilarious :joy: I hope they don’t patch it out.

Awesome weapon for office workers.

By the way, if you own the full Hitman 1, you can download The Hitman 2 free version and play all the Hitman 1 levels but with the new mechanics. Perfect for someone like me who hasn’t actually played Hitman 1 yet.


Oh thats interesting. I did download the “free” hitman 2 yesterday…wonder how that will work with new mechanics on the old maps, if any meta changes.

going do that now and check it out thanks

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hmmm Mine doesn’t seem to work, tried it but i need to buy a legacy pack, in fact this whole system is such a dlc purchase mess, HITMAN™ - GOTY Legacy Pack or HITMAN™ - GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade etc…

I did get the humble bundle season pass version of hitman though so that might be it… weird.