The Most Epic Blog and forum URL changes


After a bit of wrangling I’ve managed to get a blogging system called Ghost up and running, which I plan to launch on MEW this coming week.

(The tricky/new bit for me was getting SSL/TLS from Let’s Encrypt working using a series of Docker containers, for technical types.)

This means there will have to be a changes in the URL structure of the site, which I haven’t quite decided on, so if you have an opinion, please weigh in.

Right now the forum is on the root domain ( My inclination is to change it so that the forum and blog both sit on subdomains, e.g. for the forum:


And for the publishing system:


(To be clear: I will only be using one subdomain each for the forum and blog.)

Let me know what you think. It would be really cool to come up with something off beat and/or funny for the subdomains, but it needs to be a timeless joke — something we’re not going to get bored of or will get old. I haven’t been able to come up with something classic, so if you have ideas let me have them.

EDIT: The root domain will then redirect to the publishing system, where there will be a link to the forum, and eventually a prominent list of the latest topics. I.e. going to will redirect you to (or whatever we decide to make that subdomain).



Hmmm will think a bit. It’s a difficult one.


Firstly, I don’t think this is a good idea. You may switch software.

And then, IMO, the best subdomain is the one most people would expect, even if it is boring. I don’t really bookmark sites - when I want to go somewhere I start trying “” (xxx being placeholder :P) and then hit enter when it suggests the wrong one. Having “community” or whatever instead of “forum” would mean that I would have to remember a specific thing just for this site.
But, I may be the only one that cares about that.


My addition to your suggestions:

I agree with rougemat though about switching software.


I’m going to extend this by a day or two so that folks who aren’t that active on weekends can weigh in.



I vote for community as the precursor for the forum part of the website, as we here work on creating a community more than just a forum.

Then I vote for blog for the publishing side of things.


To make this clear: you are voting for the canonical domain. I.e. what the official domain will be and what Google will index.

I’m pretty sure it will be possible to redirect to for folks who are used to typing that.


I am making that a seconded vote for the same ones as hammer


Instead of blog, I’d rather have it news or main or front or something more official sounding. Is it just me or do blogs feel like something of the past?


That was harrowing.

But it is (mostly) done, I think. One last challenge involving Discourse’s ServiceWorker that needs a day to flush itself out, and then I can implement the last redirect.

The forum will be at, but a redirect from will also bring you here.

The publishing system will be at (play on writing, and the three Pac-Man ghosts whose names all contain “ink” — it’ll have outside meaning and be an inside joke) with redirects from the bare domain,, and

Hopefully everyone makes their way back here.

And now to sleep, perchance to dream.


Wowee you were up late! Nicely done @SIGSTART!


Thank you so much for the changes @SIGSTART. Its looking great!! Now to put up some more content.


The new “front page” is looking great! Well done @SIGSTART @DieGrootHammer and @Wyvern it’s looking really quite professional.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add to the content at some stage.


It scared me. I panicked and didn’t know where to click to get the familiar dark background…also I had to login again. and took me a little while since MEW has a weird like 9 character minimum or something so it was a mutation of my usual forum password :stuck_out_tongue:


Fortunately, Chrome got my back when it came to the password.


Thanks @SIGSTART! It looks amazing! It gives me the happy feelings!

It is a slow process but i think we will get there.

Also for everyone reading my work please if you have tips or advice on the work I am doing send me a PM.


Everyone who wanted to work in the blog this morning, please make sure you are accessing it from I’m going to be working on the last redirect from the bare domain to the subdomain.