The new games you can play in January

The new year is well under way and people are slowly but surely making their way back to work/school. But January is a frugal month, with many wallets empty after splurging over the holiday periods. So lets take a look at which games will tempt you to spend your January reserves on.

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I hope Tropico 6 is good. I really tried to like Tropico 5 but for some reason I preffered Tropico 4.


Considering I havent played any of them, not sure how I feel. But the Resident Evil 2 is tempting

I hope for good things from Tropico 6 as well. Saw some gameplay from YouTubers that got the beta test version, and I got a lot of Tropico 4 vibes from it. Plus it has bridges!!

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Also, that Gaming Calendar of mine is still being updated:


Played a little of the Beta too over the holidays. It was still pretty glitchy for me, but when it worked it definitely had a much better feel to it than T5. Lots of new features, some promising campaign chapters, and graphically looking very good.

If anyone is hesitant about it, maybe give it a week or two after release for the reviews to come in and for any first week patches to go out before making a decision. But if you’re familiar with the franchise and enjoyed T4, I think you should be more than okay with T6.


On the subject of Tropico 6… Just been going through emails from the last few days, and found a message received yesterday from Kalypso saying that the T6 launch has been delayed to end-March. :frowning:

I’ll copy the full message into the Tropico 6 Thread.