The Official Comic Book Thread



This is the place for all of us to discuss what Comics we are reading! Give each other recommendations on new or old Comics we might enjoy! And maybe encourage a few people to get into reading one of the most entertaining forms of literature!

In the wake of the new Star Wars movie I got wind of a new Darth Vader Comic series, they are only 10 issues in at the moment with a monthly release, but it gives a lot of background to the character, and what he went through after Order 66… Iv enjoyed this series so much im about to start the 2015 series.

Im also still following the long going Walking Dead series, Some very interesting times indeed, looking forward to the next issue this wednesday!


For those interested in getting comics in a digital format, Marvel had a special on Marvel Unlimited where you can get a year long subscription at $60 using the promo code PANTHER. I use the Marvel Unlimited app, and it works quite well.


Awesome thanks man! The Marvel App is great, the only problem i had with it was how much it hurt my wallet… Maybe i should look into the unlimited subscription…


I’ll just leave this here:


Im not ashamed to admit that iv used this site before… Especially when im at work and i remember something thats just come out lol…

The nice thing about the Marvel App is, it gives you places to start and finish sagas… If im going to read something i want to read from the beginning to the end, and with A LOT of the marvel stuff i have no idea where that is…

@faniebraai what you bust reading?


I wish DC had something like that. Not too fond of Marvel to be honest.


Sorry for only replying now. Forum has some silly restriction about n00bs and day 1 number of posts. Hopefully day 2 i’m free to go bos.

Answer: Nothing. Haven’t read any comics in a while. More into books with no pictures at this stage. But when I was reading, I was into anything that is non-superhero.

Some of my favourites I can remember were:

  • Descender
  • Roche Limit
  • Y: The last man


New Darth Vader comic came out yesterday for those following it! Really great issue! Loving the “early” years of Vader…

The Walking dead for March was also great, hit you right in the feels!


Where does one start?
I used to read Archie and Richie rich as a kid


Depends what you enjoy!

Let us know what comics interest you and im sure we can point you in a few directions!


I dont really know any, maybe start safe with a superman or batman or the like. Dont know much about manga, but it sounds awesome


I’m busy reading Deadpool. All the way from the start. I’m following the full reading order on this page:

I really wish DC had something like Marvel Unlimited.


where do you buy comic books these days, bearing in mind I live 150km away from a decent size town


I don’t buy physical ones. I make use of Marvel Unlimited and a tablet. It works so well.


I’ll look for it on my tab. shot


Pretty much everything is digital these days… Im not into collecting comic books so i read everything on my Tablet… I am not the best person to ask about DC comics, but the Injustice comics that sort of go along with the games are seriously great reads…


Humble Bundle currently has a gaming comic book bundle that looks really great:


So in anticipation of the new Venom Movie i got to reading the new Venom 2018 comics, and WOW! there is a whole new origin for Venom thats weird to say the least!

Anyone that enjoys the Venom character should definitely get reading it… Its also R rated like any good Venom material should be :wink:


Another tiered Humble comics bundle is available for the next 2 weeks or so. This one focuses on Aspen Comics and Michael Turner’s Fathom.


Some more tiered comic goodness from Humble. This time round it’s a Spawn by Image collection: