The Official TV Series Thread



AWesome! Between this and Yellowstone I am seriously impressed.


Finished jack Ryan, Now i want MORE

everything about that show is good even the theme tune


I know right! It was so refreshing to have a proper spy show.

I know there is Condor as well, weirdly I just couldnt get into the show at all


This show doesn’t look like anything new


Compared to all the same comic book adaptations, zombies and so forth, the spy genre was neglected - we do not speak of quantico cos that was just a mess.


I guess, but personally i feel as if there’s been way to many movies and tv shows based on the same concept. I’m tired of watching jason bourne or america vs islam type shows/movies.


Finished watching it this weekend. Amazing.

There are not many series that starts, has 0 fillers and ends with a definitive ending withing only a few eps.


I know right! It was one of the best, and season 2 has been confirmed. What I loved is everyone was expecting the lead to fail since they only know his funny stuff. I have only seen him in a few things and it was serious roles, he makes a kick ass analyst


Almost done with Psych again, then we can return to the massive backlog of regular TV viewing


Where are you watching it on? I never watched it myself yet - want to try it


…on my TV :rofl:



fokken snaaks grap gat

netflix, showmax?


I don’t stream…


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew dstv?


nee fok sies!

ek gebruik Plex


hehehehehe ek maak net seker :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen random Psych episodes, good comedy.


I’m assuming it is only streamable via Amazon?

Ie have Amazon sub or go to the high seas?


Holy crap wanted to watch one ep of the Dragon prince and I am already up on ep 8


I saw it on netflix over the weekend