The Official TV & TV Series Thread

Suprisingly we havent started one yet :astonished:

During my leave these past few weeks i was able to catch up with some of the series world’s newest editions and older series i might have missed

started of with guilt a british series about a murder, the acting was ok (the lead) to good (billy zane) but felt really dragging in places, i watched the entire first season (10 episodes) doubt there’ll be a season 2.

Second older series i started watching is good behaviour. I have only watched one episode so far but i am hooked and i see season 2 has started recently already so it must be as good as im expecting it to be.

then its off to the new series thats started the episode a week type

im really digging swat, character development is good and the story lines are all pretty grounded, so far every episode seems to be self contained as i havent noticed a season arc type of thing developing yet.

Second new weekly series is dynasty, its very soap like to be honest, superficial and unrealistic characters, only reason im watching it is because of the chick from tokyo drift thats in there, i’ll be utterly surprised if it gets another season

third new one is the good doctor, a series about a brilliant young doctor (like doogie howser) with autism, watched the first 3 episodes so far and the acting from the lead is pretty good (you cant tell if he really has autism or acting that he’s got, he’s doing all the nuances to the T) a show with potential imo.

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Dude if you like SWAT, then get The Brave and Seal Team - both brilliant shows! And seal team has this awesome dog called Dita the Hairmissile - she has her own insta page and is awesome!

i have watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of seal team, havent gotten back to it yet, i havent heard of the brave yet though

Finished watching the first 9 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery over the weekend. Really enjoying the show so far, sucks that they are taking a break before episode 10 comes out.

I also watched the first episode of Strager Things season 2, but haven’t had time to watch the rest. Will see when I can make some time for that.

Watching the new season of The Ultimate Fighter as well as The Punisher at the moment

Have you watched Kingdom? It is about MMA, I tried but couldnt get into it. It is already on season 3

I watched the first 2 eps of SEAL Team, and I gotta say, while the pilot episode was pretty awesome and showed alot of potential, i kinda feel like the 2nd ep already slotted into a predictable “dilemma of the week our hero will solve with all parties happy” kind of grind. I hope its not the case, but I read some reviews saying just that, that it gets a bit predictable and formulaic but is still enjoyable.

Oh well, time will tell :slight_smile:

That is a Drama series based in MMA fighters. Not into soapies and that is what is borders on

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Dude, there is nothing unique but I love the cast, I like how they try to accurately portray the lives of Seals, not just the action, but the real life crap they have. I am enjoying seeing David Boreanaz in a more serious role.

seal team is pretty accurate and realistic from an executing point of view from the episodes i saw, especially the halo jump episode with the oxygen pre breathing etc, s.w.a.t is also pretty damn accurate but thats expected since its made by shawn ryan, the same guy that did the shield

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I just enjoy it. I am also still a Lethal Weapon fan, but the first season was better than 2 so far. The good doctor is an ok show, not sure if I am a fan or not but if fills a gap.

I can highly recommend Future Man. And Channel Zero.

i have never even heard of those series, is it syfy stuff ?

on another note marvels runaways has got alot of potential, im really enjoying myself with it.

kinda. Channel Zero is on SyFy but it’s more horror. Future Man is on Hulu and more comedy (it’s another Seth Rogen creation) and is quite new

Are all of you watching using Kodi?

nope, I download what I want to watch and then stream via Plex on the PS4

No, I cant stream via Kodi with the vpn on my line is too slow to stream (3rd world problems)

Syfy and Hulu? Sites?

Only place I DL my series is from EZTV

Same here. But I Can watch Twitch, Download and watch DSTV online though


I use usenet servers