The Official TV Series Thread



When do you get time to sleep?



Hehehe not all at once :stuck_out_tongue: I watch them over the weekend and in the evenings.


Just watched the two Short Treks. Man, those 2 little pieces of series art has rekindled my inner trekkie. The actual discovery series was too much about war and didn’t do it for me.


This new Sabrina TV show became a lot more interesting after The Satanic Temple is now suing the makes over “alleged copyright infringement”? LOL

What is the Satanic Temple?

Founded in 2012, the group works to ensure the separation of church and state and holds Satan as a symbol of “opposition to arbitrary authority”.

With fifteen official chapterhouses in the US, the group’s membership soared off the back of the election of Donald Trump in 2016.


The New Sabrina is dark as heck omg. not sure how I feel about it.

Also the just starting watching She-Ra And the princesses of power, (the power of gray skull) It is amazing.


Watched a Netflix Original. Derren Brown- Push

WOW!!! SO Insane. A huge social experiment. Do no want to give away too much.

Going to watch another one of his experiments called Sacrifice tonight


Be warned some of his experiments can scar you for life, but that being said, I love the work he does


I am still reconsiling the new and of She-Ra

I still prefer the original



Watched some of it, pretty good. I LOVE the tech. I think they have a good representation of future human-tech interfaces.

I also love how there is a whole historical back story that they DO NOT explain. It adds depth.


Awesome I am saving this for the holidays. I wanted to watch the first episode but decided to wait.