The Official TV Series Thread



So we had our niece and nephew over for a couple of days and had to watch the Netflix kids. And wow can i just say there are some great shows on there, whether they are actually kid friendly is another story.

my niece insisted on us watching this show called “Haters back off!” and its a funny slapstick comedy thats rated 7+. i like the show but think is to mature for kids… there was so much sexual innuendo…




Ok I am slowly loosing faith in new and creative TV


its a lot like the original shows first episode… i think i need to rewatch the original again


I loved the original, I am scared to watch this new version.

Is it just me who is over vampires?


just you, i still love me some vampires! :smiley:


Nee fok maybe this new version can save it

But I am craving a proper sci-fi


No way. I loved the original, mostly because of the dark hair girl and the intro song. I can’t remember now what she looked like or how the song went, but I remember that I enjoyed it.


Star trek discovery season 2 starts this Friday!

Also, The Expanse must come back, NOW! That is true sci fi


Im gonna get stoned for this but I hate star trek :stuck_out_tongue: Im not a trekkie or wars fan - I like both but I couldnt get into the show at all.
I am waiting for Killjoys


Anyone watching Titans?


Watched it, very good, very gritty, do NOT watch it with kids.


I agree, It was very well done

I loved it. But VERY gritty


that episode was actually good bu…t its not a show i want to get invested in since its on Fox and we all now what happens with the good shows on Fox


I had one issue with the episode, it felt like there was to many missing bits

Also the new cast has no feeling like the original cast.


im talking about the passage, i havent sampled the new roswell yet


Aah ok I will give the passage a chance then

Roswell is feeling very iffy


It’s coming!! :grinning:


I’m guessing this is the best place for this…? Red Bull Gamings’ Media House have just launched a new 6-part series focusing on 6 different indie game developers and their projects. Here’s the trailer:

The first episode of Levels Season 1 looking at Cupheads’ developer is already live on the Red Bull TV site, if you don’t want to wait for it to go to YouTube:


watched the new roswell, the first episode had a strong sense of de ja vu, it reminded me of the amazing spiderman movies, its the same but its not the same but still the same.