The Official TV Series Thread



Anyone watched Happy yet?


Yes… Show is awesome and weird at the same time


Agents of shield given a lifeline and renewed for season 6


I think this is one they can stop now pretty please so over it!

This however reminded me I love Benedict Cumberbatch - this is amazing! He is brilliant.


Ive decided I am boycotting Lethal weapon next season

The problem was Damon Wayanes = he was the actor that got hurt during the episode that Clayne directed.

According to him, Clayne has a big file for being difficult. And abusive and loads more. Ironically a lot of their co-stars has come out in defence of clayne via twitter.

It feels like Damon Waynes expected to be the main actor and as much as I liked him in the first season, this season he came across as pouty and petty and that is why he was “promoted” to police captain - This is why Avery suddenly wanted to become mayor or whatnot.

I just think that they did what they could. I for one won’t be watching the show next season. It’s not Lethal Weapon without Martin Riggs and Murtaugh.

What is very interesting is how the two actors are behaving - Damon is acting like a child - shouting and pointing fingers, Clayne apologised for what happened before and has since just wished the cast and crew well with season 3.


Just why?


Hispanic Magnum PI, atleast it looks better than macguyver (which im glad i havent seen a single episode of yet)


I watched one episode of macguyver - never again, I will not watch this crap tho


Ai ai.


10 10


My kids, wife and I actually enjoy watching macgyver together. It is light enough for younger kids to watch.


Started watching The Terror and so far it’s really good. Not what I expected at first but I’m really intrigued.


So the Chops at Fox cancelled brooklyn Nine Nine, its a miracle it lasted so long on the network

But the heroes at NBC picked it up and renewed it for a 6th season


Has any of you watched Mob Psycho 100 yet its freaking funny.


The Expanse saved by Amazon.


I literally just came here to post this, because I just saw the announcement!


More money spending by Amazon: 5 seasons of the “Lord of the Rings” series, a cool $1-billion!


Go home WestWorld! You are drunk!


Ive given up on it - Westworld is putting me to sleep


I have to say, certain eps the same. But I make sure to be 100% awake when I watch it now. Tis good


Nee I dont follow it at all, I am so confused after 5 eps