The Official Xbox One Thread



i just like watching these technical related stuff,

in other news if takealot doesnt screw things up there’s only 17 days of waiting left


cobalt is free (for gold users) on the japanese xbox store (you can use chrome to translate if you dont understand japanese) (its an alternate games with gold title, since the regular ones on offer is not available in japan)


Maple Valley in Forza 4 on the 360 had fully rendered 3d trees but on Forza 7 the trees are 2d sprites, thats probably where the sacrifices were made to free up resources to get 60 fps and dynamic weather in the new game across all the xbone models


I am soooo amped for Sea of Thieves! The idea is really appealing and getting a few mates together to man a ship should be loads of fun!


Two weeks until the Xbox One X is coming. I really can’t wait. I played some games over the weekend in 4K on my PS4 Pro, and the difference is incredible! 4K gaming is really that much better. So for the X to do native 4K is just even better! It’s going to be a great console.


I hope takealot honours the release date of the 22nd, cause with my shitty line it will probably take the whole weekend to download 1 game.


I wanted to suggest you predownload the games before then, but I remembered you don’t have an Xbox One. Bummer. My games are pretty much all downloaded and waiting for the X. Just need to download ACO.


i’ll install the small titles first like recore and limbo and then i’ll download all the Forza’s and the other titles afterwards


I wonder if it is the 4K or the HDR which makes the biggest difference.


Unfortunately the TV I have isn’t fully HDR compatible, but the 4K textures do make a huge difference. It’s incredible to see the extra detail in terrain, and stands out immediately.


Ah oky. I’m not getting the Xbox one x just yet, but I’ve been considering a ps4 pro, so I can play the ps exclusives.


Buy an Xbox One X and get ‘PUBG’ free for a limited time

From December 17th through the 31st, Microsoft will give everyone who purchases an Xbox One X a copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. A post on Xbox Wire says that over a million people played the battle royale game within 48 hours of being available. Not bad for a game that hasn’t even hit 1.0 yet. The move makes a lot of sense; the folks who’ve play PUBG in Early Access for almost a year are exactly the type of audience Microsoft has been targeting with its “most powerful console ever” One X marketing campaign. That said, the appeal lovably clunky game might be lost on the folks who are buying the $500 console just to show off their new 4K TV.

I wonder if this is applicable to our preorders, im not a pubg fan though


I also wonder. It’s not my kind of game but with us getting the XBox One X so late I really hope they will give this to us to. Unfortunately I highly doubt it.

However, I’m super excited about the console! I can’t wait! I watched some more videos about the games now. My games have been copied to an external hard drive. So when that console comes I’m going to copy over the games and start up Forza 7. Wowee!



5 days until the X!! My games are all downloaded and ready for the new console! My TV is ready and able. I can’t wait!!


So what will you guys be playing when your baby arrives?

I’ll be playing Forza 7 and then move onto Gears of War 4. It’s been very difficult for me to just keep Forza 6 in my cupboard this whole time. Every now and then I’d go watch Youtube videos. I’m so hyped!


My list of games for the X are:

Forza 7
Assassins Creed Origins
Halo 5
Elite Dangerous

I see the store has been updated to show games that is X optimised, which is nice.


Apparently Takealot has sent out an email that their pre-orders are delayed until the 29th. I ordered from AWX and haven’t heard anything yet.

I’ll be super pissed off if we don’t get it this Friday.


BT Games notified me that pick-up will be possible on Friday morning. So hopefully they don’t have a late delay.


I phoned AWX and they don’t know about any delays. So that’s good. :smiley:


i just received my email. :unamused:

thats why i dont get excited for these things cause shit always hits the fan to be honest.