The Official Xbox Thread

Seeing as we are growing in number, let us get the official threads going. Post specials you find, Xbox news, questions and comments about the entire Xbox world.

Do not lie. You people will never grow in number.

Thanks for the edit @MetalSoup. Didn’t see the tag for its official-ness.

Anyway, I’ve got to try to get the lonely few of us that do have Xbox some insight into what’s happening.

What new place exclusive titles are coming up next year ? Crackdown 3 is a “must buy” for me

By this point I’m surprised they haven’t canceled it yet. I’m looking forward to it too though. I loved the first one.

I Cant wait to find out more about the openworld rpg Playground games is working on, hopefully a teazer on that and forza horizon 4 will be showcased at the next e3.

There are 4 weeks left until the launch of the Xbox One X in SA!!! I am beyond excited for it. Hopefully I get my fibre installation done before then so that I can download all the 4k texture packs for the games.

Will you be selling your XboxOne?

Probably yes. But only closer to the time I get the X though.

Let me know. No rush.

don’t you already have an xbox?

But with another I can have an Xbox Two

… no?

shit sorry beo. didnt even think of that. good thinking man.

Hmmm, okay dude I’ll let you know. I’ll throw in a controller into the deal for you as well. Will get one extra with the X. and because its you, you’ll get friends and family discount.

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Anybody here planning to get PUBG on launch ?

No not really. On console I’d much rather play Fortnite BR than PUBG.

I obviously dont have an xbox anymore, but I want to see how they will pull it off. At the moment, the thought of playing PUBG on a console is horrifying.

i’ve made some calculations and all the purchased games i have (which is not alot) , excluding all my deals with gold titles are going to install to about 600 gigs of the 780 gigs available for games on the drive, thats excluding the potential 4k patches thats incoming for forza horizon 3 and masterchief collection, MS should have really bit the bullet and install 2tb drives as default on the one X.

the xbox one X enhanced edition of world of tanks is free until 1 january 2018 for anyone interested

You can buy your XBox back from me.