The Official Xbox One Thread



I know its not a race but…

I managed to Clinch the May Leaderboard from Hiro last night, pulled close to a 100 gamerscore out the bag :grin:


Nice! Unfortunately my gaming time has been very limited this year. It’s very sad.


Prepare the wallets, a big Xbox sale is on the horizon


I’m very proud of myself. Haven’t bought any new XBox games since I told myself I must stop. So I’ll try really hard to skip this sale and finish some of my existing games. :smile:


I cannot say the same. I saw the Need for Speed bundle currently is under R500 for Need for Speed, Need for Speed Payback and Need for Speed Rivals. Usually that bundle goes for R1400. Massive bargain if you ask me.


3 shiiiiite games in one package !

as much as i loved the nfs franchise, the last few has been utter crap


I would agree with you, but I haven’t played them and always wanted to try them out when they went for cheap. This was relatively cheap for what you get, seeing as all three versions are the Deluxe versions with a bunch of DLC included. So I though why the hell not.


xbox E3 sale is live, just bought a month’s gamepass for R5 again, yay

doubt i’ll buy any games though, prices still aint cheap enough


im really liking the new dashboard update, it intergrates your subscriptions ie ea pass, gamepass etc. and it immediately shows all the titles that you can download, much better solution than going to the store everytime, i just dont understand why they keep moving the queue around, with every update it shifts then its at the bottom or close to the bottom now its almost in the middle again.

I hope they implement a download time or days remaining feature in the future


R5 deal on for just another 4 days. “The introductory offer is not valid for existing subscribers.”

Anyone know if the Pass is active immediately on purchasing, or if it comes as a code so that I can activate it when ready? (I think it probably does, but I’m trying to figure out if I can game the system a bit and get 6 weeks of Game Pass for R5 but taking the 14-day free trial and then applying the R5 1-month Game Pass.)


its active immediately just disable auto renew from your account, you can only buy and activate 1 voucher at a time


Coalition just posted a new gears 5 screenshot and all i can say is while gears 4 looked amazing

Gears 5 is a massive leap considering gears 4 game out 2 years ago


Won a 1 month Game Pass code on a stream last night that had to be activated immediately. Any recommendations (other than State of Decay 2) on what to use it on now that I have it?

Ideally something that is Play Anywhere enabled. Unless you think there’s something worth the effort of dusting off and reconnecting my console for.


Rime was one of the titles that caught my eye (I think it was one of the play anywhere titles)


I would recommend ReCore, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 1 and 2 and Gears of War 4. All of them Game Pass games, all of them Play Anywhere titles. They should keep you very busy the rest of the month.


I’m also annoyed at myself because I missed out on the R5 deal - I delayed it so that the free month would be activated later but then wasn’t able to get it before the deal expired :man_facepalming:


I actually enjoy ReCore, i dont know why people hated on it so much


I think its fair to say that Soli is the Gamerscore winner for this month, the month is not over yet but there’s no way to catch him (yes its not a race but it always feels nice to be on top)


Haha there’s a big reason why. I played Dying Light the last couple of months and barely got any points. Then I started The Turing Test which was a short game and very easy to get points for. I think I got 950 points for it.

Starting Forza Horizon 3 now but will be away this coming weekend so will only probably start the weekend after.


Some great games coming to Game Pass in July:

Dirt 4
Zombie Army Trilogy
Shadow Complex Remaster
Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Fallout 3
Human Fall Flat
Bomber Crew
Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Really looking forward playing ABZU again, giving Shadown Complex a try, and both Bethesda games. Games Pass is becoming so great!