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dirt 4 was in gamepass then they removed it, i think it was During Jan or Feb

in other news its the 28th already and there is still no games with gold announcement for July yet


I fell for a fake announcement picture last night that had Just Cause 3 in it. I hope we get some decent games.


if you have a live gold subscription you can go to the japanese xbox store and get Loco Cycle as an additional free games wih gold title this month


i said i wasnt going to buy more titles but i’ve bought NBA live 18 for R67 which is a bargain considering NBA 2k is selling for R450, Yes NBA 2k is the better title but im sure it is not 80% better than NBA live.



Some decent games for a change!


if they are giving horizon 2 away then it means that the licences will probably be expiring soon and its going to be removed from the xbox store. i hope i have all the dlc, same thing happened with forza 5, it was given away for free a month before it was removed, atleast i will now own dead space 1 to 3 on pc and console lol


That is a great month of GwG!! After a few disappointing months I’m really looking forward to this. Already have FH2 and spent many 100 hours in it already, but I’ve always been kinda interested in For Honor. Just never interested enough to actually buy it. Glad we’re getting it now!!

Also through GwG we have now received the entire Dead Space franchise, which is really awesome for fans of the games.


So now that the ultimate sale is technically over, my initial intention was to not buy any more games and yet i ended up buying some games albeit a few cheapies.

Nba live 18 was a steal at R65
picked up life is strange for R33
Wolfenstein the old blood for R89
and Dues Ex mankind Divided for R98

i wanted to buy the Doom/wolfenstein II bundle on the russian xbox site for R188 but no credible stores had stock of 1000 ruble xbox cards in stock except a dodgy russian site i really didnt want to enter my particulars into and the Japanese xbox site had rise of the tomb raider 20th anniversary edition for R140 but maybe it will get even cheaper just before the launch of shadow of the tomb raider, in all honesty i wanted to buy rise of the tomb raider on the xbox 360 just for the fact that they actually managed to port that game to a 10 year old console back then without any major sacrifices.


forza horizon 2 is definately at its end of life support, thats why its free next month with gold and the addons are all discounted at 80% with this weeks deals with gold

Forza 2 Horizon will be removed from the Xbox Marketplace by 30 September 2018

Damn u @Hiro grats

Grabbed the leaderboard on the last day of thw month


All of us did quite poorly!


hehe. your Drivetar is showing up all over my Forza 3 :smiley:


This month’s Game Pass is rather good. Getting HITMAN Season 1. I haven’t played the last Hitman yet, so very much looking forward to that.


My horizon 3 is broken unfortunately it keeps crashing to the xbox dash, i think i will have to redownload it :unamused:


Warning ! dont buy any vouchers from other regions, it appears microsoft has removed the ability to purchase from other regions with giftcards, i just wasted R150 :unamused:


Damn. And here I was still waiting, wishing, hoping for vouchers we could use to get FH4 from Egypt :frowning:


unfortunately you have to be in egypt to buy from egypt.

I managed to buy mirrors edge catalyst with my voucher after jumping through alot of hoops. so i paid R150 for a game that was R87 a week ago :tired_face: you win some you lose some.

some publishers also dont allow voucher purchases, ie EA does but Square Enix Doesnt. so was able to use it to buy mirrors edge but not Rise of the tomb raider


Game Pass owners, it seems DOOM will be added to the service today!! Bethesda is really embracing Game Pass hard!


Bought Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th anniversary for R249 on xbox one. apart from tomb raider anniversary 2007 edition i now have all the TR titles on Xbox, i was initially so tempted to get the back ported version of rise of the tomb raider for xbox 360 just out of curiousity to see how good that port looks.


pretty shitty gwg for September, not worthy of the front page In my opinion