The Official Youtube Series Thread

Really don’t want to paste these all in the TV series or video of the day thread so making its own.
These would of course include non completed series since that is just how the cookie crumbles on youtube. And most of these would probably be considered mini series. Also some cool Fan movies/series.

I love animations and this is just funny to check since its so minimalist and looks like paper cutouts on a back ground.

Love this everything is so well done. Just a shame Astartes channel got deleted on youtube and got restored but the fist part is not there so this person had it lucky on his channel. Waiting for part 5 to be released for non patreons.

Just found this series have not watched all of it yet but looks decent enough and perhaps for fans of the Mortal Kombat universe this would be awesome. Also 7of9 plays in it.(negative is hard-coded subs)

Completely different animations falls more into the Steven universe of animation, pretty cool and emotional.

This is just so awesome hope there ware more to come.


Thanks for this.

As someone who pretty much watches YouTube exclusively, I will get around to looking into these.



YouTube is our tv so I’ll be checking these out thanks

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Old but gold one really funny.

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It has been released