The "Ori" Series (SPOILERS)

After recently completing The Will of the Wisps, I realised that this series is probably my favourite gaming series ever. I loved, bought and completed the first game twice (which is something I haven’t done with any other game) and I’m considering buying Will of the Wisps for Switch as well (seeing as it apparently runs at a rock solid 60fps on the Lite). No other game has had such an emotional impact on me before, not even the revered Witcher 3 (which left me breathless afterwards).

So if you completed the games and know the way it ended, how do you see the series continuing from there? I sat with extreme emotional turmoil at the “aw snap” moment at the end of Will of the Wisps, knowing that the series has now effectively ended and I’ll never experience such an artful piece of gaming again.


The achievements for blind forest scare me…
Finish entire game without dying once

Fuck me some of those “timed running” sections are pretty unforgiving

Will of the Wisps has another of those achievements. I’d argue the boss fights would be pretty much impossible to finish without dying at least once. Especially the final boss fight… Man, that thing took me a good 20 attempts to do.

The timed sections (escape sequences) in the sequel weren’t that bad, to be honest. I completed a few of them on my first try. The new auto save feature is pretty helpful though, and it saves VERY frequently and usually just before a section that would spell certain demise.

At the end the tree appears to spawn a new spirit, I reckon they could continue from there.


Yes, but no more Ori. :frowning: Even “continuing” the save just restarts before the final boss fight, which kinda leaves a bittersweet feeling in my mouth.

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I generally don’t like timed anything in games.

It’s not so much “timed” as it is a rush of water, falling rocks, lava, etc. chasing you, with the penalty for it “catching” you being to redo the sequence again. The sequences aren’t long (roughly 2 minutes or so), but they are incredibly challenging.

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I didn’t mind the chase sequences as much as in the first game. The thing I found most frustrating about the second game was actually the races, and I think they’re kind of optional.

But its mentioned in the context of “1 life” achievement, in which case i VERY much agree that its a shit mechanic :stuck_out_tongue: