The Sim Racing Rig Thread

So, in fear of getting ahead of myself, I was not going to post here until I was done. But excitement is getting the best of me and I cannot keep quiet.

I am building my own sim racing rig!

I have been really getting into racing this year. I got a nice wheel a month or so ago, but the biggest obstacle so far has been getting the wheel into position to race, and then move it after so I can work / play other games. Also, the pedals keep sliding on the floor, and my wheelie chair is just the worst. So I decided to build my own rig.

At first it was going to be a timber rig, then found some PVC pipe ideas, but finally found T-slot aluminium. It looked expensive until I discovered a local company extruding their own and selling it relatively cheap, even compared to international companies.

The trick was to find the right design. There are a few cool designs at Open Sim Racing:

But I did not want to spend money on the design. So the Google-fu continued. Eventually I came across May-Cad, a free piece of software that lets you design any T-slot contraption and it works out the bill of quantities. The wheels then moved quickly! (see what I did there?)

I went through a lot of design concepts and decided on a GT style rig, inspired by this rig sold in Europe:

And with some kit installed (NOT MINE, I WISH!):

The F1 style feels like lying down too much!

I decided to ask for quotes from the local T-slot company. The guys was very helpful and even invited me to a trade show in Durban last week. I went! The aluminium is much stronger and more rigid than what I could have imagined! I decided to down spec my rig to smaller (and cheaper) profiles. So my final design looks like this:


The great part about this is that it is modular. I can easily add a gear lever later, or handbrake, or control panel. And the rig should be sturdy enough for the heaviest and strongest wheels out there.

I took the plunge and ordered the aluminium profiles yesterday. It should be here later this week. I also got them to supply an aluminium plate to mount the wheel on.

As for a chair, I found some pretty low quality seats from Autostyle, but they only sell them in pairs! The single ones cannot recline and to be honest, my fat butt does not fit into them. I then found a guy in Durban who wants to sell a Golf 7 R leather seat from a wrecked car! Its perfect! Now I need to get to practice my "Durban Negotiating Skills"©. This is what they look like new:

I will keep you guys informed on the progress. Who knows, maybe I can start selling these?


This is that dark path I mentioned when you first mentioned getting a wheel.

It looks awesome though. What would your expected cost for this project be? I looked at building one myself a while back, but found the costs of the actual seat to be pretty expensive.


Oh wow that’s amazing! I look forward to seeing the end result. It’s my dream to also have a full sim racing rig but that will have to wait a couple of years. Our place is very small so currently I have a
GT Omega Classic stand that I fold up every time after I used it.

If yours come out looking and working great then I’d be prepared to pay you to make me one. But it will only be in probably a year and a half’s time. Maybe two.


I never listen :frowning:

I estimate, including the seat, that it will cost me about R5k. The quality of the seat will vary but for this price it will at least be a cloth bucket seat.

Those are class! I looked at all options and that was an option. I just could not find one locally and then I discovered the DIY route. What a deep dark route it turns out to be! :wink:


Dude I am greeeeeeeeeeeeeen with envy

At least it helps that I dont have a wheel anymore and that I dont have space for a setup like that


That’s not too bad a price! You could buy one for around that price, but then you miss out on the fun of a DIY project and we would miss out on project updates


Looks like an awesome project to take on.

This is the problem with living in a flat, you don’t have the proper space to do anything.

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Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the final product.


@Deadlypinecone’s warning was ignored! :joy: That said, if you’re looking at sim-racing as a serious hobby, you’re still comfortably within a reasonable budget. If you splash out for racing boots, a racing suit and a helmet though…, then you might have a problem, and we might need to call an intervention.

It looks like it’ll turn out well epic.


You could even say it looks most epic


Turn out… Harharhar! I see what you did there!


following with interest.
I don’t want to comment on here as I might be nasty due to envy… lucky a hole :wink:


Time for some help, please! As for the chair for my rig, do I:

  1. get a chair from a totalled car at a junk yard? I have a thing about other people’s cooties…
  2. get a racing chair from somewhere like Autostyle? I am scared they are too cheaply built…
  3. convert a gaming chair (DXRacer type) to fit my rig? Not sure how good I am at making something fit unintended…

Hmm that’s a very tough one. I had a look now at Autostyle and wowee it’s quite expensive for a seat! But of the three that looks the most appealing to me.

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I quite like these:

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Naa, just a VR headset for the truly immersive experience

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You joke, but it is on the long-term wishlist! :smiley:

Yeah, I tried them out. Its not bad considering that’s the price for 2 seats, but I don’t need 2. Unless I start my Sim Rig Business and buy them in bulk!

I have made contact with GForceSim, a local company making rigs. They actually sell their seats separately and I am waiting for some info from them. Not sure how easily it would mount…

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Wish I was joking. It’s becoming quite the thing for sim racers.


I wonder if those seats will fit on these:

Because then I can buy that and you can hold onto the extra seat for a a year or two haha.


The Gforce sim seat is reasonably comfortable. Possibly narrow on the shoulders if you’re a big dude

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