The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees


The nominations are in and have been tallied by Valve. Below you will find the final list of nominations that everyone was voting for so furiously during the Steam Winter Sale.

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Don’t forget to vote to get your cards.


Scored a nice variety of cards for my votes. Not! :joy:


If anyone is collecting cards - please shout I shall donate it

I currently cannot sell cards thanks to the steam gifting I have been doing :smiley:


Cool i just need two more cards then i have the badge


I just sell if my cards as soon as possible these days. Haven’t crafted a badge for the last few sales.


Sent you some Trade Offers. First time I’ve done them without offering anything to swap in return, so don’t know if it’ll actually work or not…?

Anyone with a spare #3: The Best VR Game of 2018 who wants or needs any of my duplicates, let me know, will do a Trade with ya.


And it works. :slight_smile: Thanks @Wyvern


I usually try to craft one badge for the seasonal things and then sell all the rest. I’m not really sure why I’m crafting them. Cards for games I just sell immediately.


I craft for XP to level my Steam profile…


What do you get out of leveling up though? It seems kind of pointless to me unless you need to add a thousand friends.


You get a nice big number next to your profile…