The Steam Summer sale can be exploited to boost you Steam level

So last night I watched a video by a YouTube I quite like, The Spiffing Brit. He normally breaks grand-strategy games, but this was a bit different:

In the video he shows how you can very easily and very quickly level up in Steam by doing exactly what Steam wants you to do with the Grand Prix sale meta-game.

By doing the same easy tasks in games as listed, you can rack up a huge number of boost points to spend in leveling up your Grand Prix badge. This in turn will level up your profile very quickly. And some of these in-game tasks are so easy and so easily exploitable that you can effectively farm Steam levels.

So I tried it for a bit, and managed to level up my Steam account from level 16 to level 50 in a matter of like 15 minutes.

Don’t know if anyone has seen or tried this, but there is no tasks that you are doing that is against the rules of Steam. Ultimately you do exactly what Steam wants.

These levels can also be transformed in additional discounts, so effectively if you play the meta-game correctly, you can actually get a lot of free discounts on games.


Thanks @DieGrootHammer! I will have a look at this tonight.


I boosted up to level 69. I’m all good for now


I’m really not too sure what the benefit of the higher levels are, but hey, at least I have a higher level.


Starbound player stats for this week from SteamDB:

Personally, I’d rather get a R35 discount voucher. Anyone know if I’d have to use it before the sale ends? And could you get multiple vouchers? And use them all at the same time?


If you dont want to mod starbound -

  • Start the game.

  • Start playing in a single player game, or a multiplayer game where you are the host/admin.

  • Type


  • Make sure the system message says that you have been given admin privileges, and not that they have been taken. If they have been taken away, just type /admin again.

  • Type:

/spawnitem soda 9999 ‘{“maxStack”:9999}’

A soda will spawn wherever your cursor was.

  • Drink the Soda to earn 10 points in the Steam Summer Sale.

  • To repeat this easily, in case you run out of Sodas, just press Up while in the textbox and then enter, the command will be repeated.

  • Alternatively, just change the number after soda and the one after “maxStack”: to something higher, there’s probably not a real limit: I just put 9999 to be safe.

I just need to add a autoclicker


Some of the higher levels allow you to add more people to your friends list. There is a maximum.


Had a quick look at this; seems there is a limit based on your boosting cap, which is calculated based on how much you’ve spent in the
past year.

Valve really should try harder with these stupid sale games…


Also watched it but not really an exploit.
As for the points i think we all have enough games with achievement points that you will have enough point to last the whole sale.

Unless you buy a ton of games just so you can have more points to spend for more levels up just to bloat your profile.

I got it doing two point hospital. One get 10 points per patient cured. and most of my hospitals are done so was super easy just had to wait few mins for bunch of patient to be cured.


That’s what I’m doing as well. Only have played to the 2nd or 3rd hospital, but have it running on the other screen and just clicking through the annual awards thing whenever I notice it. Cured almost 1000 patients so far.

nice do you do the super bug Initiative?

I do not. But only because I have no idea what that is :slight_smile: I haven’t opened the game since the first month after it was released. For no other reason than I simply forgot about it with all the other games around. Will have a look at playing a little more, seeing as how I’m remembering just how much fun it actually is, and how I’ve now got it reinstalled.

Shoooooooooosh I want the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 1 achievement left to do but will need 3 friends to do it :frowning_face:
@Wyvern its 50% of so R180 it is nothing for it very fun game.

more info on the superbug stuff


I know, but I spent that on black mesa so my budget is spent :stuck_out_tongue: I will wait for the next sale.

Will let you know when I get to that level. Hopefully we can find a third to play along then too - there are a fair couple with the game.

I can try this superbug initiative thing; perhaps I can sink some hours in TPH this weekend.


Plot Twist: Gabe Newell bought a controlling share of Chucklefish Games a day before the Steam Sale started. *

* (not really, but it would be funny if he had.)


Are we friends on steam? You can invite me

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