The Surge 2

I like soulslike games and I think of all the ones that I played there was only one that I didn’t finish. The first The Surge. I just couldn’t beat the one boss. The game itself wasn’t bad at all though and apparently the second one is much better.

Have any of you played it? It’s on Game Pass. I will start playing this coming weekend.

I played about 2 or 3 hours of it. It’s definitely a big step up from the first one. I love the combat system but I have issues running the game on my PC. I also tried on Xbox One but I miss the 60 FPS. I don’t usually care about FPS that much, but for this type of game it can make a difference in terms of reaction time and such.

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Much like Lords of The Fallen, The Surge didn’t grab me either, unlike the Souls games do. As anyone here know, I adore the Souls games. And while from a mechanics and gameplay perspective I should appreciate these games, something just doesn’t resonate with me. I thought the first Surge title had “cheap hits”, enemies were frustrating and world design was confusing.

I would still like to try The Surge 2 however, maybe I will one day. But the first left a taste I can’t get rid of.

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How did your experience go?

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I only played one day so far. I like it.

It feels a lot smoother than the first one… Hmm but come to think of it, it’s running at 60fps on the XBox One X. There also seem to be a lot more items to find.

The game really wants you to block but I’ve been dodging everything. Don’t know if it will cause me problems later on.

It’s also quite big! Don’t really know where I should be going and if I’m missing stuff because I’m going the wrong way. So far I’ve only encountered one big boss and it wasn’t that difficult. Will see how things go.

Yeah I hear that’s one vast improvement is the complexity and interconnectedness of the world.

Glad you’re enjoying it. Might give it a try some time. Thanks for the feedback.

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Started this up again today. Now that I have a GPU that can actually handle the game it’s worth playing.

Hopefully I’ll finish it by the end of the month so I can get into Mortal Shell.

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The combat in this game is really good. Love the weapon variety and the animations when dismembering enemies are so satisfying. Also getting used to the directional parry, feels so good when you get it right.

Level design is still a bit confusing, I ended up in area with enemies that have a 4 above their head and they kill me dead pretty quickly.

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Enjoy the game @Wlad!

I just finished it. Unfortunately a lot of my achievements didn’t unlock. Ended up taking a screenshot of me finishing the game. It looks like I’ll have to wait 72 hours and if they still didn’t unlock then I’ll contact Microsoft.

So, my thoughts on the game:

  • I really like the difficulty. It was never frustrating and yet there was still a challenge. Of all the games I played in the last while The Surge 2 nailed the difficulty for me. Absolutely perfect.
  • The combat is great. I like how attacking an enemy lets you charge batteries and then you use the batteries to heal or whatever. The actual combat feels much better than the first game.
  • Upgrading your gear is also done well. Cut off enemy limbs and upgrade your gear. I ended up using different weapons and armour until I found what I liked.
  • The story is a bit stupid so I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone play this for the story. The atmosphere is also not nearly as good as Dark Souls for instance.
  • Game length is also perfect. Took me 29 hours to finish. Nice and long without overstaying its welcome.
  • Like @Wlad said, the level design can be confusing. I didn’t finish some side quests because even though I did them, I somehow missed the area where the people are towards the end to go collect my rewards. It gets really confusing. At one point I didn’t know where to go to progress and had to google it.

The game is far from a masterpiece but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Can definitely recommend it.


Haha, I had a laugh when I read you had to google where to go. I do this for about 80% of games I play. I don’t have time to sit and struggle with a puzzle or confusing level design or whatever. If I can’t figure something out in 5-10 minutes the phone comes out and I google.

Wel done on finishing the game. I am definitely going to do the same, but I will also most likely only play on Sundays since soulslikes on Sunday is my religion.

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@Solitude I take my hat off to you for beating this game on console where you can’t cheat.

I’m playing on PC and without a trainer I would have given up. That Delver boss fight was insane.

I just finished fighting Major General Ezra and his “Metal Gear”. Don’t think I’d be able to take him on without a trainer either.

I am really enjoying the combat against normal enemies though. The directional parry is a great mechanic once you get used to the timing.

I really like the different armour sets and weapons as well. I especially like those weapons that are a combo of a heavy weapon and two one handed weapons depending on how fast you press the attack buttons.


That’s strange. I rage quit a couple of games this year due to difficulty but had no problems with The Surge 2 at all.

I didn’t use parry at all and always dodged. Also I spent most of my points on stamina. And then I also used the fastest weapons I could find. Then it’s a matter of hit hit hit jump back and repeat.

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Could be because I inherently suck at games. I always play any game on the easiest difficulty and even then I struggle sometimes.

That said I don’t have trouble with normal enemies at all, except when they gang up on me. Only the bosses cause me grief.

I’m using the armour that gives you Omni cells when you fill a battery so I use the drone quite often in combat, alternating between assault rifle and Gaia beam.

Currently using a one handed sword, fist type weapon I got from the last boss I fought and one of those dual action weapons that apply nano status.

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Don’t worry, I also suck at games. :smiley:


Apparently not as much as I do :rofl:

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