The (un)official VPN thread

I don’t have much time right now, but it could be a DNS leak…


Strangely getting this on Netflix

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Should I perform this with or without the VPN connection?

EDIT: nevermind, this little statement after the test describes that

If you are connected to a VPN service and ANY of the servers listed above are not provided by the VPN service then you have a DNS leak and are choosing to trust the owners of the above servers with your private data


Wow… I was surprised with Surfshark support when I asked for a refund. The process was seamless and they didn’t at all try to haggle with me. They obviously asked a few probing questions but once they realise the issues weren’t with their product or solution they were quite happy to approve of the refund and issue the transaction, granted it will take 7-10 days they say.


I just thought I would add a little update here as I have found a VPN which I believe to be one fo the bestest and I don’t think has been mentioned or talked about much.

If you’re conscious about your security and personal information, Mullvard has to be the best in class. They don’t ask for any personal information and treat their service as a prepaid platform.

11/10 can recommend.

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I have a problem with VPN’s.

I see them sponsored (advertised) in many YouTube videos where if you’re restricted to certain content on your favourite streaming service, just fool your computer into thinking you’re in region X and voila.

So recently we got very annoyed that Dawson’s Creek on Prime had become region locked, now that we’re almost done with the series. No problem I thought, I’ll just connect my Nord VPN and connect to the US and we can keep on watching.

When trying to watch the content it appears that I don’t have an active subscription. So I tried another country and then it recognised that I was using a VPN and wouldn’t allow the content to play.

I’ve experienced similar issues even in the past, such as when I was in Australia.

So what is the point, besides being able to mask your IP and location?

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It’s a never ending battle between streaming services and VPN providers. Technically you are breaking their TOS using a VPN, so…

Could also be your VPN has a DNS leak, where you’re using a local DNS server.

You can try either the standard or extended test, while connected to the VPN. If it shows you’re using a South African DNS instance, that might be the issue…