The "Why can't I play games or finish them is my brain broken" thread

So anyone else here have problems actually playing stuff sometimes, I sat yesterday afternoon and literally just started at my pc and played nothing, even though I woke up going i’m going to play games today.

I feel somewhat apathetic about it , either I don’t know what to play or don’t feel like finishing what I started which is actually irritating because then later I feel bad because I did not play something , weird I know its like i’m beating myself up for not enjoying myself.

Maybe its just that i’m not keen on my selection at the moment, I did finish dos2 a few weeks ago, and started hallow knight which I have now lost interest in even though I played the crap out of it.

And then I have stuff backlogged but meh, subnautica seems interesting though, its seems things don’t keep my interest like they used to, like its not stimulating enough , maybe I have become immune to the dopamine hits in some game mechanics :stuck_out_tongue: , I wonder if thats a thing.


Subnautica is brilliant its a bit different that most games out there atm be prepared to be afraid of fish. But it won’t help you need games that are simple.

That is how I feel about spaz 2 atm was so excited to play it but just having to learn a game again seems is what is putting me off some games. Where I load up something then exit and then look for someone playing on twitch or watch some series instead.

You are suffering from a classic case of gamers fatigue. We all know and loathe that feeling. I’ve had it several times before. And different people have different ways of dealing with it I suppose.

What I do is I just take a break from gaming. Not for too long, just for a few days. During those few days, I don’t play games, and I don’t create the expectation within me to play games. In that way, I don’t get disappointed when I don’t play anything. I would then just read up on some games, maybe watch a let’s play or two, watch some movies and series, go out into the sun and watch the sky. I usually find some inspiration and need to play a different game, something that gets me back into games.

What I would also suggest is playing something small, quick and linear. Perhaps an indie game of some sorts. Playing something and finishing it may just spark back that fire for something more daunting. Perhaps a Hellblade?

I can totally relate to this. I can’t find anything to play on Steam/Origin/ :confused:
Even when I really want to play something; I’ll see someone play AoE or I’ll see my Shadow of Mordor background, but I lose my interest even before opening the game. My mind keeps telling me I have to do stuff: work, study, fix the [stuff wife needs me to fix], feed the baby, change the nappy…

I think I’ve played about 10 hours over the last 6 months?

I blame my personality: I’ve been really pushing myself hard at work for the last year doing courses and stuff to equip myself - and hoping to continue my studies for the next 4-6 years :scream:
Subconsciously, I don’t allow myself time to relax. I’m really going to try and change this, let me just finish my exams on Friday…and my course in 3 weeks, and my lecture next month…

Shouldn’t you just sometimes force yourself to play?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Pr0fPyr0 I’m sure gaming can stimulate the release of serotonin, dopamine and possible endorphins. The effects could definitely become blunted. My thinking is that you (we) will never get that same “high” that we got at first. I used to enjoy figuring out how a game’s mechanics work, but now I either figure it out too quickly and lose interest or I don’t and I lose patience.
Following @DieGrootHammer’s advice about taking a break could help, hasn’t helped me though. Playing something ‘small, quick and linear’ has worked for me in the past.


That sounds familiar,

Oh that really sounds familiar

the few times I did this I actually felt good afterwards

Reminds me of a review that I watched.

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