This is Discourse---should we keep it?


A test to see what discourse does with hashtags #site-feedback It brings up the list of categories. #hashtag making your own does nothing.


Discourse definitely gets my vote. Love the look and feel and responsiveness. And seems to work brilliantly on mobile. Even added a shortcut to home screen, complete with adorable rhino icon :heart:


So, mostly positive feedback and testing happening, but I can safely assume we’ll be going with Discourse then. It awesome and will be a good start for now. With a little bit of tweaking of some settings it will become better as well.


hot damn! the more i use discourse, the more i love it! everything just WORKS. it feels super snappy and responsive and looks fantastic (in dark theme). Someday, all forums will be designed this way :smile:


well so far I’m good with Discourse, it has a dark theme which scores it some major points in my book

and everything else is growing on me. Plus it’s FAST


Only thing so far that i am missing or am blind to find, is a mark all read button?

Since I dont bother reading the console threads and the little voice in my head kills me and drives me mental cos there shows unread topics


I thought I was the only one to use this feature.

I noticed if you’re on the “unread” tab or topic filtering, right at the bottom of the page is an options to mark all or dismiss or something like that.


I like it very much. I actually like the select to quote feature, even though I only found out about it now.


So, @SIGSTART when is the deadline for us to make a decision? I think people are starting to find their feet here. I think we’ve found a grand ol system to use


We actually have a bit of time to get everything in place. Whatever is going to happen will only happen in the new year.

I agree, though. Feedback about Discourse seems to be generally positive, so unless a huge shortcoming rears its head, this is one thing we can put down as “sorted”, and focus on the rest.


Try this @Wyvern


Starting to notice some nuances.

  1. can’t color text
  2. the “unread” filter only shows unread items
  3. the “new” filter only shows new topics/threads, despite them being unread



No shit.

No shit


Just taking the piss beo.


I also noticed that when I wanted to change the color, but not a big deal for me.

As opposed to? Not sure what you mean here.

I don’t use the “new” function at the moment, only Unread, which is working fine for me.


can’t quote an image though… at least I can’t figure that one out yet


It only shows unread, doesn’t show the new thread.


That’s a good thing in my opinion. I hate it when someone posts a whole bunch of images, and then the next person quotes them with all the images included again.


then click on the “New” tab


ja but normal civilized people would delete the unnecessary images