This is Discourse---should we keep it?


discourse is not too bad they mobile interface is also pretty good and gives you a desktop like experience, just wished it was categorized with subforums like Phbb. but otherwise im starting to like it, its a bit different.


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why does it take 24 hours for messages to be deleted ?


Actually not sure, but I would assume its if you change your mind and want to recall your message. I’m sure there is a setting that can be changed.


yes I have the option to undelete it


So anyone can see what the old message was? ie they can see the orange pencil icon, which when clicked shows the previous, unedited message?





Don’t know why that functionality would exist for everyone though. Would understand if mods could see it.



Issue Number: 01205
Issue Date: 28/11/2017 Tues 15:38
Issue Heading: Stupid feature is stupid
Issue Details:

Issue logged by: @Blazzok
Issue assigned to: @SIGSTART
Priority: Medium
Severity: Low
SLA in place: (null) “No SLA found, please contact your local support for assistance”
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But if i don’t want people to see what I want to delete, I could just EDIT it and put in dots or whatever…


Yes. I would have done that from the start had I known.


can you now undelete and edit ?


I did yes.


you wish! your original post can still be viewed with a click of the orange edit button :slight_smile: What happens in Discourse, lives on forever !!


LOL! :laughing:


The More I use this the more I love it, anyone notice the quote option when highlight text, also you can drag and drop images into your reply.


Starting to see some limitations, or maybe it’s nuances, or maybe I’m just using the funtionality wrong.

I went to go look for the Switch topic, but becuase it’s just one long feed of topics I had to scroll, and scroll, and scroll… eventually I just searched for it instead.

Maybe I’m just too used to the threaded style of the forums in that topics could be ‘stickied’ or placed in thread in order to catergorize them.


Also saw that happen was an topic with over 200 pages and I had to scroll and scroll as well.


May I introduce you to the different categories and tags. At the top of the screen you can view thread by categories. Once selected you can even filter by the tag. If mods ensure that all threads are tagged correnlctly and placed in the right category, finding threads will be much easier.

Also I believe the reason why the site has to first load the rest of the threads and post, resulting in scrolling is to ensure performance isn’t hampered by having to load everything simultaneously. But that would be my uneducated guess though.


I changed my settings in the beginning to go to the categories page by default. It just feels more like the old forum.