THQ Nordic has acquired Koch Media, the owner of Deep Silver, Saints Row and Dead Island

It looks like THQ Nordic is about to expand its roster of games. The publisher already has a new IP launching this year called ‘Biomutant’, alongside Darksiders III. Now, THQ Nordic will be expanding further with the acquisition of Koch Media, the company that owns Deep Silver, and by extension, IP like Homefront, Saints Row and Dead Island.

The deal is reportedly worth €121 million and includes all of Deep Silver’s studios and games, including Volition and Dambuster. This deal also means that THQ Nordic will take hold of the exclusive publishing rights to the Metro series from 4A Games, just in time for Metro Exodus later this year.

In a press release, THQ Nordic explained that it has no plans currently to restructure Deep Silver, which likely means that various studio jobs are safe. In addition, Koch Media will continue to operate as a separate entity under the THQ banner. Any projects currently under development at Deep Silver will remain, which hopefully means Dead Island 2 is still on the way despite its long, troubled development.

Deep Silver has four ongoing Triple A projects in the works at the moment, including Metro Exodus and another game from Volition, which is presumably a new Saints Row title. Dambuster Studios also has something in the works, though after Homefront’s poor reception, we don’t know if it will be a sequel or something completely new.

Source: kitguru

Funny thing is Darksiders, and saints row used to be published by the old THQ and they also owned volition which will be part of THQ again (new THQ)

Do you know what else they have acquired? Warhorse Studios, the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

what im happy for is that volition and the red faction IP are togetherm under the same roof again so, thq nordiq can get volition to do red faction again.