Throw Back Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday will be about…


I recently obtained (do not want to say how… As there are people watching), All 3 Original ninja Turtle movies as well as the Never Ending Story.

Brings back so many memories!

What movies bring back your fondest childhood memories ?

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Princess Bride. Still holds up today. So quotable. I’ve noticed most South Africans have never even heard of it. Best watched in groups with close friends/family.

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Wow I never knew about it!!!

Watched a Documentary about Andre the Giant the other day. So sad

I still have to watch that. I heard he had an 18 second fart while on the set of Princess Bride.

I havent watched the Princess bride as of yet - its on my list.
This movie, pretty in Pink and Sixteen candles as well :stuck_out_tongue:

They are my guilty pleasures!

We studied the book in one of my English varsity courses. I thoroughly enjoyed it - the movie definitely captures the sense of humour of the book.

I have never seen any of the movies you mentioned…

Never watched Princes Bride, maybe I should do that.
Breakfast Club is a good movie, very quirky.

I recently watched it again and it still holds up… good movie


I agree its one of the classics that just works.

16 Candles and Pretty in Pink as well. A bit corny here and there but that is to be expected.

And another personal favourite was Ferris Buellers day off!


This is where you tag @DieGrootHammer and @MalicE

Is that how they look together on a bike?

Yep exactly like that

Here we go :smiley:


The new one is coming!!!

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