Time to upgrade Shinobi


Dam the ram just kills this build so fast its about R3k for a cpu and R3k for ram then left with nothing for the motherboard.





You should be able to pick up a second gen Ryzen (R5 2600) plus an X470 board plus 8GB of DDR4 for between 6500 and 7000. 16GB RAM would be nice but is probably not necessary based on your current use case.


The only thing I’d look at upgrading at this stage is my GPU but I’ll wait to see what happens with pricing. Apparently Nvidia has a large stockpile of GPU’s awaiting deployment after overestimating the Mining craze (can’t remember the article now). But regardless of that my current GPU is still sufficient so it pays to wait for the right time to buy.


GPU is the last thing @FriedPet needs to upgrade right now, seeing as he has an FX CPU paired with an RX580…


I’m looking at this bundle:
https://www.evetech.co.za/amd-ryzen-2-2600-pro-upgrade-kit/best-deal/2656.aspx, but with 16gb.

@Sweepslag, probably not necessary, but I’d prefer more than 8gb ram. Some of those pdfs are big :wink:

I’m assuming the 2600 is better than the 1600 you posted?
Also, I’m not sure what’s the difference between the B350M you posted and the B350 from evetech?


The 2600 is newer, yes. It’s about 10% faster than the 1600 on average. As for mobo’s, you’ll have to look at the available options and pick one that fits your need. Check Buildzoid’s YouTube reviews for more information. Be careful of cheap B350 boards.
One more thing: Ryzen likes fast RAM, so be sure to get 2666 or better. The price difference is minimal.


Yes but went more on the price side of things and like @sweepstag said its minimum but in the end its up to you.
I see atm its on special for about R300 more than the 1600 version.
Links are more or less the same boards but all the sites have different prices.
The difference between the two is one is a macro atx and other one is the normal atx form factor.

@sweepslag what is wrong with the Cheap B350 boards?


Crappy VRM, with poor to no cooling and iffy power delivery. They’re not too bad if you run everything stock, but if you ever overclock on a poor quality board you could get into trouble. I have the B350 ROG from Asus, and it’s a solid enough performer. There are a few good ones to be had; I’m definitely not saying all B350’s are bad.


Just to add on to the mobo discussion: these are your options for Ryzen currently. Scroll down the page a bit for a nice feature comparison.

All 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen CPU’s will work on all these boards. 300 series boards may need a BIOS update for 2000 series chips to work though. B350/450 boards are expected to be very similar, just like there is little to choose between X370/470 boards.

The main advantage the 400 series boards have over the older 300 series is better RAM compatibility. There were some issues early on just after Ryzen released, but this has mostly been resolved via BIOS updates by now.


This is in my basket:



What’s your comment on this RAM:


After some googling, I realised the only difference between those 2 is the colours. Black vs Grey…


Why the 2200G, if I may ask?


Honestly, because it’s currently in stock at Wootware and it’s the cheapest. What else can you recommend?


If you’re planning to game using a discrete GPU, there’s little sense in getting the one with onboard graphics. Also, if you’re planning to do a bit of productivity work, the Ryzen 5 2600 is a smoking good value CPU right now.

See video here. You’ll need to check SA pricing of course.


I grabbed the Ryzen 5 2600, an MSI X470GPlus board, 16gb DDR4 3000mhz ram and a small 120gb SSD on Amazon. So excited :sunglasses:


Except for the SSD this is my next upgrade as well :smile:

Also, how long would it normally take before your shipment arrives at your door?


According to Amazon, I should receive it between 10-14 December, which is sooner than I thought. First time ordering from them though, so we’ll see. Used standard shipping, they’ve got a more expensive faster option, was about $60 iirc.


But doesn’t it still have to go through our customs? Surely that will add weeks to the delivery date.


Good buy! Pity about the small SSD though.


That depends. The post office would take weeks. A bigger courier should have customs sorted within a day of arrival (possibly even before), assuming Customs doesnt stop it.


It’s not about the size but how you use… nah you’re right, when it comes to SSD’s size matters :rofl: