Time to upgrade Shinobi


Maybe. It wasn’t really part of my budget, so got the cheapest one just to check out what all the fuss is about.


:smiley: May I make a prediction? You’re going to use it and then wish you got a bigger one.


Stuck here since, well, the 6th.

All this waiting and staring at my screen makes it look small…


Mine updated today… Maybe i get it Monday



Cleared customs yesterday, got delivered this afternoon. Really looking forward, but will only get to install everything next week :unamused:


Sooo…theoretical question.
Currently I have a 24" as shown above. I use the split screen function of W10 while I work.
If I were to ‘make another plan’, which will be better: Adding a 27" screen or Replacing the 24" with a 40" UHD tv?

Edit: It’s about 100cm from the screen to my eyes.


Personally i’d go 27" 1440p


Why? :grinning:


Well if you want to “upgrade”, getting a higher resolution monitor is the next logical step. (if your system is able to push that resolution of course).

Getting a 27" running at 1080p seems like a waste IMO and that’s why I’d suggest getting a 27" 1440p monitor. I guess you can get a 24" 1440p monitor if you don’t want to go bigger or don’t have the space :grin:


I agree with you on the 27" FHD, good point. But why not a bigger-than-27" 4k tv?


Just personal preference that’s all. I’d rather play on a high refresh rate gaming monitor than a television. Then again technology has gotten to the point where you can play games on a 4K TV with high refresh rate without any issues.

40" is great when you’re sitting on the couch jamming games on your console(s) but imagine playing on your PC with a 40" 60cm away from your face :rofl:

I guess you’ll want to play games, watch movies, work etc?

Also, 4K 144Hz = Expensive IMO


27 1440p 144hz would be my choice.