Titanfall 2

I see that @Viper recently played Titanfall 2 for a bit and then stopped. Personally it ranks up there as one of the best games I ever played.

There’s a part to do with time that I will never forget. It made me go wow. Don’t want to give away spoilers but it was breathtakingly good.

What do the rest of you think of it?

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I absolutely loved it. Shooting was solid and the titan is great. Multiplayer is a lot of fun as well. My only small gripe was Respawn’s obsession with wall running.


I loved the game too. And yes that part with the time manipulation is awesome!


Probably one of the best FPS single player story games out there


Great, looks like I’m gonna have to reinstall. :slight_smile:

From what I could tell, it seemed like a decent shooter, but I rarely play games for shooting mechanics (or FPS games in general). The story seemed like it could be good, but I just didn’t connect with it very well. I then saw the game is something like 6-8 hours long and since I’ve played for about 2, I figured that things will probably continue along the same trend.


You know when people tell you something is the best thing ever, and you try it out and it your expectations are so high that it could never possibly live up to those expectations? Yeah that happened to me and Titanfall 2.

It’s a good game, and the campaign was fun. But as I sit here I cannot remember much of the story or any other missions other than the time related level and the one where you are in the factory that builds houses. The rest is just a blur for me. I enjoyed the game, but I wouldn’t rank it in my top 10 games, or single player experiences, or even FPS games.


I’m glad you will give it another go @Viper!

Oh noes @DieGrootHammer, it shows how different people like different things.

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Many things are subjective. Enjoyment of particular games is just one of them.


Wow… a lot of great input in here.

While I loved and thoroughly enjoyed Titanfall 2 (never played the first one). I agree with most comments along with @DieGrootHammer in that it doesn’t stand in my top games list, but it just justify its place in the respective genre. I think in the FPS world it does revolutionise on some mechanics and gameplay and does seperate itself from the rest in not just being another FPS.

Story wise it was engaging and short enough to keep attention and focus to the player to not become drawn out and tedious. I loved what it did in its single player compaign.

Multiplayer is where the game truly shines, as this is where it originiated and I don’t think anyone really expected the single player to shine like it did given RESPAWN track record. I spent a lot of time in multiplayer to my suprise.

Again, I wouldn’t tout it be this mindblowing amazingly inovative game but what it does, it does really well and it resonates in players memory to have a lasting impression. And that is what makes a great game.