To Rust or not to Rust?

Anyone playing Rust these days? I see it’s R205 on Steam and I’m wondering if it’s a worthwhile purchase…

its not bad, I got into it for a few weeks, my old house mate played the ever living crap out of it. if you enjoy survival games and don’t mind griefers potentially murdering you every chance they get it can be fun

So I bought Rust and played around for a bit. Struggled with disconnects for a while bit eventually got a stable game.

Ran away whenever I saw anyone because I thought they would kill me, but one kid chased me down and then showed me around a bit and took me to some loot boxes and dropped some stuff for me.

Then later another group of guys shouted me down and gave me a pile of cool stuff, they took me to their place and gave me more, I couldn’t carry it all so they came round to my place, which it turned out they had looted earlier. They sounded embarrassed and fixed it up with stone walls, a combo lock, tool cabinet and some more loot.

People are way friendlier than I expected…

And then some douche killed me with a chopper…

And I went to pick up my stuff and someone else came and smashed me in the head…

Thats basically the AI boss :slight_smile:

But yea depending on the server people can either be quite friendly (to your face at least, they’ll likely offline raid you at a later date) or just outright homicidal

yup sounds about right, depends on the server, are you playing vanilla or server which give more resources.

just prepare yourself unless you build a base like a pro you will inevitably get Raided

Vanilla server. Been raided, someone shot me as I walked into my house. Have since made a double door. Been mugged too

I think I should stop playing this game before it makes me really start hating people

ha ha ha ha , sorry ya its that kind of game, you need to find your center.

Have you tried playing on a moded server that gives your more resources, its easier to build a decent base faster

Don’t Rust. I think it would make your skin feel pretty bad.

but all the cool kids are doing it