Today I Learned: Old, but new gaming news

It’s impossible to keep up with all the news, all the time. Even big stories like this one of how a bunch of teenagers hacked into the likes of Epic, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft, and ended on a slippery slope that ended in all of them serving jailtime, and one of them trying to commit suicide.

It’s quite a read, but so well written.


Cool, will read that later. Looks very interesting. Just a bit long now. Also they could have made it so much easier to read. They should really give one the option to remove the black bar at the bottom at least to get some more screen estate.

Reminds me of PlanetF1. They had this super annoying ad that displayed at the bottom over their articles and it scrolled with you and you couldn’t remove it. Contacted them about it and they actually have a little close button for that ad now. Makes such a big difference.


Websites have ads?


Yeah. It pays @SIGSTART’s salary and it pays for my hardware.


My ublock is disabled here, I’ll have none of your guilt trippy shenanigans!

wow thats twice in 1 day i’ve used the word shenanigans…

“I’ll pistol whip the next one of you that says shenanigans!”


Pfft it’s not about here. We don’t even show ads here.

Truth is that peoples livelihoods depend on those ads that you block.


I read the article and it’s very interesting. I listened to an audio book about hacker stories a couple of years ago that was also very good.

Found it! This one:

It was part of a Humble Bundle filled with audio books. Quite enjoyed many of them.