Tokyo 2020 ( 2021) - Official Olympic Topic

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, now in 2021, starts today!

The opening ceremony is on right now, can be watched here:

EDIT: that link of the Sun is some random stadium video… Catch it on DStv 209 instead.

So the games are off to a rocky start with the opening ceremony director being fired the day of the opening ceremony.

The Official Olympics game by Sega is free this weekend if you wanted to get your game on…

And finally, you can get all the info you need about event times and stuff like that below:


Ain’t got no DSTV, YouTube highlights here we come!


My wife if busy watching the athletes walk in while I’m finishing up work for today.


Pfft Olympics Smymphix. The first Lions test starts tomorrow!

And the Chess World Cup is running at the moment. Unfortunately both South Africans were knocked out in the first round.


I am so upset I missed the start of the opening ceremony due to work and meetings. But oh boy, I cannot wait for the Olympic Games, BY FAR the best sporting event in the world!!


Agreed! We watch every time, as much as we can without getting fired, and we just marvel at the abilities of these athletes. And then we get pissed at the commentators that dare to call any performance “sub-par” or “not their best”. You come does it, man!

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Speaking of Sega, did you catch that Starlight Zone song in the background during the parade? Think it was during the Oman section… let me find it.

Edit: ha, easy enough to find if you google Starlight zone and Olympics haha.

Edit redux:

Seems like there were quite a few(I just caught the Sonic one)

Busy watching RSA vs NED hockey. We started off so well 3-0 but the Netherlands have caught up and are now in the lead in the 4th quarter.

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I would love to watch the gymnastics but a certain person in the house rules the remote.

Tomorrow at 11:00am Tokyo time, and 7:00pm Tokyo time, the Blitsbokke will be playing.

I unfortunately only started watching when it was 3-3… :frowning:

Some good news is that Tatjana Schoenmaker Brooke the Olympic record for the 100m breaststroke in the heat! She’s a clear runner for a medal in that event. The final is at 02:50, so I’ll be… um… catching the rerun. :slight_smile:


It was the semi :eyes:

Nee man, why tokyo time?


Ek het nie 'n calculator nie…

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What Oltman said.

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sjoe, Le Clos, made it into the 200m Butterfly semis by not a whole lot. he ended 16th. and 16 goes through XD

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South Africa is 7 hours behind Japan, so 11:00 there is 04:00 here, and 19:00 there is 12:00 (noon) here.

For future quick reference:

Johannesburg and Tokyo time difference

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Okay, but when rugby?!

You’ve missed today’s matches already.

They were the 4:00 and 12:00 match times.

Third Pool match is tomorrow vs USA at 04:30, then Quarterfinal somewhere between 10:30 and 12:00. Final rounds are on Wednesday. Semi-final early morning and Finals at 10:30 or 11:00 (hopefullly)

Official Schedules are sortable by day, by sport, or both. Change from Tokyo time to your time just above the “Start Time” column:

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Done already, was at 12:00. I didn’t post the time because I assumed everyone would google lol

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