Totally Random!

I created a thread like this on MyGaming to bless others with random videos from the big wide internet. And after watching videos of the Japanese Chicken Yodeller I figured it was time to grace MEW with a Totally Random! thread:


Freaking love japan, that chicken attack was actually well done.

I wonder how many negative reactions they got if any before the positive ones, I find this interesting form a social perspective

LOL. Man that’s just cruel.

but so hilarious!

I was mortified on their behalf.

hahaha so you have a thing for guys eating soft serve?

No man - the feeling of both disappointment and embarrassment on those women’s faces was palpable.

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So we all remember the good old days of the 5.25" and 3.5" Floppy disks (see below), using 12 floppies to copy Quake from a friends’ PC to yours. However, I just learned that the 3.5" Floppy was called a Stiffy only in South Africa; nowhere else. I thought the name was ubiquitous around the world, but seems not.

See the first note on the wiki page, and also try googling Stiffy drive.

8" Floppy, 5.25" Floppy & 3.5" Floppy.


I had an idea it was only us - everytime I mentioned stiffies to foreigners they were like WTF?
Then try and explain that we call them stiffies because they’re stiff, not floppy like floppies…

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Holy hell, I actually never knew we were the only ones that called it a stiffy. That’s interesting. It’s like robot.

Hahaha yeah, I once mentioned robot while talking to someone from the Netherlands, and they were like wtf? They laughed so hard when I explained what it is.

Well, finally someone made an interesting app.

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I still lmao whenever I hear someone say stiffie. That means something completely different in North America (think Beavis and Butthead ;))

I also remember back when we were using Apple II’s in school, they had 5.25 floppies. We had two machines with 3.5" drives, and the teacher called them hard disks. Of course, I spoke up, and some idiots in class got on my case about it. But ya, they are floppies, its about the material inside, not the casing.

Yes, this is an ad, but it’s exceptionally done. I really loved this, partly because I love the actors, and partly because I like the songs chosen. And the execution is awesome!!



But no one eating Tide Pods…


It’s a tide ad

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Made me hungry for a delectable juicy Tide pod