Tropico 6 - El Presidente Rules Again!

El Presidente returns for the 6th installment of the Tropico franchise in January 2019 (PC) and Summer 2019 (Consoles). Originally slated for release this year, the delay “to allow El Presidente to better prepare the islands” should hopefully be worth it. Couple of Gamescom reviews that I’ve seen suggest that the game is looking and playing great already, so there’s hope.

Tropico 6 will span four distinct eras: Colonial, World War, Cold War, and Modern. In an early mission, we see a surprisingly inhospitable island environment covered in desert and active volcanoes. But El Presidente has no plans to stick around – as Penultimo explains, this is an episode from his youth as a plundering pirate.

The ‘fond memories’ framing device allows Tropico 6 a bit more freedom in its mission starts, as there’s no need to stick to a specific timeline. You’ll jump from the Colonial era to the Cold War, for instance, with no need to play through the World Wars in between. Many of the locations have their own themes, and missions will take place across 15 campaign maps.

Any of the campaign maps can be played in sandbox mode, which has its own set of 15 maps. Sandbox mode simply strips out the mission-specific setting and start conditions out and lets you play your favorite locations however you’d like.

As El Presidente, you will now be able to customize your palace – or ‘governor’s mansion,’ if you insist – with your own color schemes. Add a crowd of flailing inflatable wavy-arm tube men to the gardens. Put an aquarium on the roof, or install a glowing hologram of yourself. You get the idea.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is the ability to manage extensive archipelagos, or groups of islands, for the first time. You can make use of new means of transport, and infrastructure by building bridges and tunnels between the islands, so that your Tropicans can easily move between them. Other new transport modes include taxis for your tourists, aerial cable cars, and buses.

Add all this to the ability to send commandos out to steal iconic landmarks from around the world. Some of the world wonders your commandos can steal, including the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the Kremlin. Soon the island state of Tropico will look like a tropical Las Vegas.

Here’s the Gamescom trailer as well:

Steam page is up, but no specific release date yet (other than January 2019), and no indications of price or versions yet either:

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And in related news, the first port of a Tropico game to iPad is going to be released soon. (Sooner than T6 at least).

Tropico for iPad when it launches will be a premium, full-priced game with no in-app purchases. The tablet-optimized app will feature new touch controls with an easy-to-navigate user interface that developed in the transition from PC/console to iPad.

I hope this one will be better than 5 was. I didn’t enjoy that one so much.

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Agreed. After the fun I had with T4, T5 was a let down in many ways. As I said though, with a new developer at the helm, and them using Unreal 4 I’m hopefully we’ll get a much deeper simulation that also looks good.

New developers Limbic Entertainment – who have history with the Might & Magic Heroes series – thought they could do better by building on top of a more stable platform: Unreal Engine 4. The change has allowed Tropico 6 to double down on deeper simulation.

“A big thing now is that everything is simulated,” narrative and cinematic designer Johannes Pfeifer tells us. “Meaning you have to wait for your Tropicans to get around and be satisfied.”

Decent article here.

Yes! I like this statement. Its what I want from my city builders.

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Looks great, but will probably only get this in a bundle. Enjoyed Tropico 4 a lot, wouldn’t mind playing that again. Tropico 5 wasn’t a big success, the mp was a great idea.
Keeping an eye on this

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I have to admit that I’ve never played a Tropico game, even though I have 2 of them in my Steam library…


Love these trailers! There’s even a llama in it :grinning:
(The game had better live up to it!)

El Presidente is happy to reveal a special deal for his beloved subjects: all pre-order customers for the PC version of Tropico 6 will get instant beta access when pre-ordering through the Kalypso Shop!

They had better live up to it, agreed. But I won’t be pre-ordering now.

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Watching some gameplay videos of the closed beta. The game looks really good, and some good indications that it will be lots of fun.


Simon Hellwig, owner and managing director of Kalypso Media reached out to the Tropico community in the following open-letter:

Dear Fans and Friends of Tropico,

As the owner, co-founder and managing director of Kalypso Media, I have been always convinced that if Kalypso creates the kind of video games I would love to play myself, that there will be a lot of strategy game enthusiasts out there who like what we are doing and the company will be successful.

Since I first played the original "Tropico", released by PopTop and Take Two back in 2001, I have been a huge fan of the series. So when Kalypso had the chance to acquire and reboot the IP I jumped at the opportunity and have taken a lot of financial risk for our company to continue the experience of playing a dictator on a Caribbean island.

Over the holidays, I have played Tropico 6 for many hours and really liked what I saw. But, in my humble opinion, it is not enough to like a game – I want to love it! And Tropico 6 is good, but not very good, or outstanding. Yet.

Combining my own opinion and the response we had from thousands of dedicated beta players around the world, Kalypso has decided to postpone the release of the game for another couple of months to March 29, 2019.

We know this is short notice and many of you, especially the ones who have pre-ordered, played the beta and gave such comprehensive and valued feedback, might be disappointed – but we think we can make the game better by adding some more icing on the Tropican cake.

Kalypso and Limbic are working hard to add as many of the community requests for enhanced features and gameplay as possible into the release version of the game. But we cannot do this overnight, and want to present the best possible Tropico experience to the fans of the franchise.

Features like pathfinding, a challenging multiplayer and the comprehensive simulation not only of each individual Tropican, but of the whole economy, are already implemented well, but could benefit from more balancing, testing and enhancement to meet our very high quality standards for Tropico 6.

Again, I apologize for the delay, and can only ask all fans for their patience and understanding as we put in even more work, with the hope that the game will meet your expectations on March 29, 2019.

As a loyalty bonus and reward for your patience, all customers who have pre-ordered the game by 7pm (CET) January 10th, 2019 via our own Kalypso Shop, Steam and other digital platforms, will receive the first DLC, planned for Q2 2019, free of charge.

Yours sincerely

Simon Hellwig, Owner and Managing Director of Kalypso Media Group

PS: Of course, you can always return or refund your pre-order if you prefer.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team via [email protected]

Thank you for your support and your trust in us – we are looking forward to seeing you in Tropico!


Confirmation yesterday that Kalypso will meet their delayed release date, and that Tropico 6 will be released on Friday, 29 March. They sound very positive about the extra time spent on the game, and it seems that the Pre-Order Beta they’ve been running for the last couple of months has been beneficial.

Since the start of the beta last fall, we’ve already implemented a lot of the features and improvements you’ve been looking for into the game, and as a fan of El Presidente, I must say that I now consider Tropico 6 to be the best and most comprehensive game in the series.

The game is still available with a small pre-release discount on Steam. With Regional Pricing thrown in for good measure, Steam remains the most affordable option for SA buyers, either before or after Friday’s release:

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Man I’m so tempted to get this but also don’t pre-order so I don’t know.

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I’m keen for this. Will wait for some detailed reviews first though

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I hear you. The reality is with the regional pricing on Steam, you’d effectively only be saving R25 or so with a pre-order. @Deadlypinecone has the right idea if you’re not sold on the game or on pre-ordering.

Give it a week or two for proper release version reviews to go out, and for Kalypso to patch the inevitable big, bad Day 1 issues. If it still looks good to you then, the R269 price is a good deal. If it doesn’t review and sell all that well, see what happens with it in the Steam Spring and Summer sales.


I like the series but will probably pick this up on a sale.

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In preparation for tomorrow, here’s the official Tropico 6 Release Trailer.