Two Gamers Killed at Jacksonville video game tournament Mass Shooting

A tragic Shooting occurred in Jacsonville Florida yesterday, 2 Competitive players where shot at a Madden tournament that was hosted at the Jacksonville Landing Complex.

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these mass shootings in the states are becoming more frequent with each year.

We where chatting about it the other day.

80% of my friends carry daily and we have never had an incident, I’m starting to think bullying and depression are the causes. What would posses somebody to just open fire and then turn the gun on themselves?
The suicide element must be depression of some sort…

It’s really sad that the world has come to this!


In another article they mentioned he lost against another player and thus had no chance of getting to the finals and that might of sparked his outrage. Even if that is the case he still brought a weapon to the event with the intent of using it. Would he of still used the weapon if he’d won?

I wonder what Trump is going to say about this. As stated, even though it was a madden tournament somehow video games will be blamed as the root cause of the Jacksonville shooting.


Comes down to how easy it is to get a gun license in the US.

I’ve just bought a .38 special and have to now get a competitence certificate, apply, safe insection, background check, refrences and the list goes on… RSA is a bit too strict, but we have way less mass shootings here

Might just be me but i don’t think you can be to strict on regulations involving a weapon that can kill multiple people under a few seconds.

And also yeah games are totally gonna get blamed again.

Would also agree that the fact that he brought a gun in the first place would mean that he was probably gonna use it, win or loss…


I personally don’t know what it takes to own a weapon in the U.S but it seems like getting one is to easy.

Agreed. I’d rather have strict rules and regulations to owning a firearm instead of anyone just walking into a store and buying whatever tickles their fancy.

Take for example, in February of this year also in Florida another kid shot a bunch of people with a AR-15 that he bought legally the year before. In Florida they don’t require fingerprints or a special permit or even a waiting period to buy a gun. He literally walked into the store and purchased a semiautomatic weapon because he was old enough and had the money

Every time I see an article about a shooting in the US, I think surely not another one! Terribly sad.

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