Ultra Vs High in Games

I found this to be a fantastic article on why it doesn’t make sense to play games on Ultra when you’ll get a much better experience on High/Very High with negligible differences to the actual look of the game.

Now we just have to move past this mindset of having to run our games at the highest settings.


I never run at ultra even if my PC could, I just never saw the difference between high and ultra except bragging rights


I have to admit, I’m a real graphics whore. I try to push the quality as high as I possibly can to still achieve 60+ FPS. In some games I’m comfortable in dropping the frame rate, especially if it’s a slow or more cinematic game (like Red Dead Redemption 2).


I play with the settings to get about 80 to 90 fps in games. This normally means a medium to high setting for most games.

And the first setting I turn off for all games is motion blur. If I have high enough fps I dont need atrificial blurring…