Unable to Create tag


I was unable to create a tag in a post i just made in the ghost editor. this is the first time it is happening not sure if something is broken.




no secret access lol


haha ok what tags do you want?


its fine i settled on using a fair play tag that was available there :wink:


heh any others you wanted?


not at the moment, i only created tags to go with the articles i posted


Apart from that, I can’t seem to log into the Tab management thing, or Ghost for that matter


Im logged in currently


Err, that’s not right. I added you to the Production group. What happens if you log out and log back in?


it used to work but not anymore, going to try the log in and out technician trick quickly


Now I’m in, weird. It didn’t want to log me in, then when I went to my history and used the plain old ink.ghost link I was signed in and it loaded fine.


still not working not sure if its a firefox issue perhaps, will try again later in chrome or edge


@SIGSTART this is still broken for me as well. tag creation I mean


Maybe there are too many tags? Thats probably not the issue though.


I can create them in the “special” menu so its def not that


This was fixed in a patch and I’ve pulled the update. Regular tag creation should be working again.

Now only if I could get bloody post scheduling to work!


Yea i have given up with the scheduling


Confirmed the tag creation works now.