Untitled Goose Game Discussion

The Goose is loose and taking the gaming world by storm! Untitled Goose Game has become a surprise hit among gamers across the internet.

For those of you that don’t know about the game, here is the trailer of the game:

You play as a goose, terrorizing a local English village with mischievous deeds. The game looks super fun and the art style is pretty cool. I’m really thinking about getting this game on the Switch.

Has anyone played this game yet? What are your thought?


I’ll definitely get it at some point. Looks right up my alley

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Epic Exclusive?

I’ve this this goose game all over reddit.

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Yes mine too. I want to get it on Switch and it’s not too expensive at the moment. Think this will be a perfect Switch game.


Ah thanks! I have seen the goose memes all over the place and was wondering where the heck this is coming from! Either great marketing of one of those lucky games where the marketing is done for free by fans!

The guys are amazing at marketing in my opinion. I’ve seen this game on my twitter feed for years now. Some websites that I visit started adding articles about the game way before it came out. It’s so overhyped that I have no interest in it at all.

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Okay, so I played and finished this game as my first holiday game. And wow, it was pretty amazing. The puzzles isn’t too difficult, and there are so many different ways in completing all the To Do list items. After completing the game you get another big list of To Do items so there’s lots of content in it.

But the heart and character that a Goose like this has is brilliant.