Useful Android Apps

Can you guys recommend any useful Android apps?

Not games and such. Rather apps that you use a lot or find useful.

It depends on what you want to use them for:

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xe currency converter

google translate with the language packs

Qr & barcode sanner

Kore - for kodi


Here are some apps that I found really interesting or helpful for a variety of different uses:

It maps the sky and tells you the names of the stars. It is really cool if you find yourself in a place where the stars are bright.

Program your cell phone with triggers to automate a bunch of different things. Possibly a bit difficult to get into, but really powerful once you understand what it can do.

For all your cricketing news and live updates.

For all your podcasting requirements. May be a bit daunting of interface at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really is feature rich for a free app

It’s Discord on your phone, and you can connect even if you are not in front of your PC, like say playing Xbox or PS4 games…

When dealing with any other language in daily life, this app is fantastic, and I love the live translate as someone is talking or just pointing the camera to text and it translating it on screen. Has helped me many times.


@DohcWP thanks I forgot to add in Kore

And then also

I use it when I am watching something on the pc = I dont have a tv so pc is my tv


Truecaller - identifying unknown callers and such
Baconreader - reddit app that I use
Call Recorder - records your calls, has saved my ass twice already
SpaceX Now - everything SpaceX, launch times and information, popular reddit threads, etc.
SwiftKey - keyboard app which learns from messages and emails how you type, to predict better. Also supports multiple dictionaries, etc.

I’ll post the links when I’m back at my pc.


i also forgot about smartglass for the xbox one

I use this little app called Whatsapp. has to potential to really grow though!


Never heard of it. I mean what kind of app isn’t sure if it’s an app?


Still trying to figure it out. I can see peoples faces… Think it can read my mind and know who I have as contacts. But That is as far as I have figured out, perhaps some kind of gallery?

Hmm that sounds interesting. I like galleries. I think I will try it out.

I forgot about swiftkey and Truecaller. Cant live without them

Gboard (Googles Keyboard stopped using swiftkey)
FIng (for network Scans)
Chrome RDP
Authentic Weather (for the lolz)

Also + on Podcast addict and IFFT mentioned by @DieGrootHammer Hammer

Es file explorer
Mr D Food
Blizzard authenticator
Google authenticator
Qr & barcode scanner

Really usefull in my field of work:
Wfi analyzer

oh that reminds me, Since ES became a massive source of adware junk I found this

MIxplorer (its on the XDA forums only no playstore)

Hi guys,

Whether you’re team Android or team iOS, care to share:

This can be, but is not limited to:
Social, Mail, IM, Gaming, Entertainment & Productivity etc…

Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Since I’m running Android



  • Gmail
  • Outlook


  • ColorNote


  • Xiaomi’s default music player (MIUI 9) (IMO - better than most other music players that contain adds)


  • Xiaomi’s default video player (MIUI 9) (Same as above mentioned), minus a slo-mo feature.


  • WhatsApp (PM me if you wanna chat)


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iOS so…


  • Twitter


  • Gmail


  • Trello


  • Default Music app


  • Plex


  • Line
  • Signal
  • Telegram


  • Cut the rope
  • Plague Inc.

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