Valentine's Day plans

So what does everyone have planned for Valentines, if any?

I don’t have very big plans, since we can’t leave home due to the little one. So I am planning on getting us some wine & sushi for dinner with some flowers thrown in to seal the deal.

I am not very romantic by nature, so I’m sure someone else here has better plans than me.


after 5 or 6 years (neither of us can remember and too lazy to go check exactly) we have a nice routine we both love.

Windmill pizza, 2 steri stumpi’s, a blanket and couch and series and thats it.



im working till 7:30, so nada, will probs go do something tomorrow

Stupid day is stupid. Flowers are crazy expensive.

Agreed, @Blazzok if you have a decent shop nearby rather get Skapie an orchid plant - same price as flowers and will last longer.

Since I am singe it means gaming!

I have to admit I prefer stuff like what motta is doing.

There is one thing I am excited about. And that is these Tessa’s cupcakes I ordered for tonight.

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Me and the lady dont believe in valentines day, its just a money making/wasting marketing scenario, everyday should be valentine’s why dedicate one day per year to be affectionate? same applies to womens day, mothers day, arbor day, aids day, days of activism against voilence etc.


Amen brother.

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We postponed valentines to tomorrow.

For now I have a table booked at Jamies and i’ll pick up some discounted roses tomorrow.

bwahaha winner! dude!

@talentloos I have been eyeing the cupcakes from the velvet cake co - I shouldnt!

Treat yo self.

haha the head says yes! but the diet tells me no!


Did Panarotti’s last night and 50 Shades Freed. Tonight quiet evening with the kids and their homework.

O no, not that movie. That must have been torture.

How did you manage to watch that?

Yeah, that is the premise of the whole movie.


Exchanged gifts this morning, but my SO is working through the night, so we’ll have a sleep deprived, at home date night tomorrow night.

We dont normally do anything for valentines day but i got some choccies from the hubby this morning.

we usually just have a quiet dinner at home watching a series. Since he went the bought me choccies route i will make his favourite dinner and some chocolate ice cream

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Wife made me watch the first two movies with her, 3rd one wasn’t too bad -wink wink-, nice Audi R8 too :smiley:

Nope not enough money to make me watch that!